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Elitegroup Launches Integrated Graphics HTPC AM2 Motherboard 1

Elitegroup launched its new AM2-based integrated graphics motherboard, targeting lower- and mid-range home theater system builders today. The board - microATX GeForce 6100SM-M , built around the nVidia nForce 405 chipset, marks the inaugural appearance of an integrated graphics motherboard for AMD Athlon 64 AM2 processors.
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Elitegroup Launches Integrated Graphics HTPC AM2 Motherboard

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  • If this is targeted at the htpc then why doesn't it have an svideo out onboard? Until I upgrade to an hdtv I'm stuck with svideo, composite and component, and any friends that have a hdtv compatable tv have a dvi or hdmi input, no vga.. so how exactly does this motherboard target the htpc market? Knowing ecs you may be able to add an expansion tv out, but if it IS targeted at this market as the writeup says, then why isn't that stock?

    There are other AM2 motherboards with onboard video and this one is no d

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