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AMD's Chinese Market Share Quadruples

AMD is continuing to make inroads into China . It all began back in 2004 when AMD inked a deal to supply chips to Lenovo, the country's largest PC manufacturer, and they have been gaining ground since, with almost 20% of the chip market. "Two weeks ago, the company signed a deal with Founder Technology, another fast-growing Chinese computer maker that shipped more than 2.5 million units last year. Beginning next month, Founder's desktops will feature AMD chips. Before long, the partnership will also include laptop computers and servers. We view this deal as yet another win for AMD as it continues to capture market share around the world. Meanwhile, despite the impact of an escalating price war, global chip sales rose to $20.5 billion during the month of August -- a new monthly record."
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AMD's Chinese Market Share Quadruples

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