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AMD takes wraps off of quad-core design 1

You may have heard about Barcelona at the Microprocessor Forum. Barcelona is the codename for AMD's new quad-core processor , with all four cores integrated onto a single die and sharing a 2MB on-die L3. In addition to such things as floating-point and SIMD improvements, you'll find the following bells and whistles with Barcelona: improved branch prediction unit, dedicated stack engine, and memory disambiguation.
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AMD takes wraps off of quad-core design

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  • 1. Intel announced the design of the AMD quad core before AMD. 2. AMD's marketing consists of saying that AMD is true quad core and intel has slapped two dual cores on the same chip. 2+2 is always 4. Think about it AMD. 3. AMD's processors are being outperformed by intel and AMD still has not dropped their price to be inline with intel's price/performance. Is AMD counting on vendor lock in from motherboards and peripherals?

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