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MIT Looks to Give Group Think a Good Name 167

netbuzz writes "With Friday's opening of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, researchers there hope to address this central question: "How can people and computers be connected so that — collectively — they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before?""
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MIT Looks to Give Group Think a Good Name

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  • by TubeSteak ( 669689 ) on Tuesday October 10, 2006 @08:29PM (#16386049) Journal
    But there has been a lot of research showing that richer media (not flash, but visualization and simulation) are often much more appropriate to describe complex subjects. There has been a trend for a long time to stuff text books with more graphics, diagrams, pictures, and educational software with videos, animations and so on. A picture can say more than a thousand words if placed in the right context.
    How Stuff Works is a great example of how to mix text & pictures/media

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