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Chinese "Cyber-Attack" US Department of Commerce 161

Kranfer writes "The register has an article about how the Chinese have recently launched an attack against the US Department of Commerce. From the article: '...attacks originating from computer crackers largely located in China's Guangdong province are aimed at extracting sensitive information from targets such as the Commerce Department's technology export office. Security consultants and US government officials reckon the assaults have at least the tacit support of the Chinese government...' This is not the first time Chinese hackers have attempted to gain access to US Government systems."
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Chinese "Cyber-Attack" US Department of Commerce

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  • by crazyjeremy ( 857410 ) * on Monday October 09, 2006 @09:13AM (#16363093) Homepage Journal
    They hacked WindowsUpdate.com [mtrx.net] as well... It must be them. The screen capture of the hacked website says "hacked by chinese".
  • Obviously (Score:2, Funny)

    by amliebsch ( 724858 ) on Monday October 09, 2006 @09:13AM (#16363095) Journal
    These are Chinese hacker infantry, who steal money from the internet to fund the war against the GLA.
  • by bo0ork ( 698470 ) on Monday October 09, 2006 @09:43AM (#16363397)
    "BIS discovered a targeted effort to gain access to BIS user accounts," Commerce Department spokesperson Richard Mills said. "They took a series of immediate action steps to ensure that no BIS data is compromised. We have no evidence that any BIS data has been lost or compromised," Mills said.

    Oh yeah, I too must be specifically targeted then, because I've seen these sequences in my log:

    May 31 13:06:27 gator sshd[18127]: Invalid user tony from
    May 31 13:06:30 gator sshd[18129]: Invalid user core from
    May 31 13:06:34 gator sshd[18131]: Invalid user newsletter from
    May 31 13:06:37 gator sshd[18133]: Invalid user named from
    May 31 13:06:40 gator sshd[18135]: Invalid user visitor from
    May 31 13:06:43 gator sshd[18137]: Invalid user ftpuser from

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