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Doom on Xbox Live, Jackson Making Halo Game 206

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in its X06 Keynote today in Barcelona. The announcements are flying fast and furious: Ensemble studios is making a Halo RTS, and Peter Jackson is making a new Halo game (unrelated to Halo 3 or the RTS). The HD-DVD will be $200 in the U.S. with a release aimed at November of this year. They've got a good deal of 360 exclusive content including the next Splinter Cell and GTA IV Episodes, and (initially) Bioshock. Bioshock will also be on Windows, of course. Windows is also the platform on which Microsoft is announcing a new Massively Multiplayer game from Cryptic Studios, a new super-hero MMOG based on Marvel Comics' IP: Marvel Universe Online.
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Doom on Xbox Live, Jackson Making Halo Game

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  • Thank God (Score:3, Funny)

    by Mateo_LeFou ( 859634 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:28PM (#16218001) Homepage
    I was wondering what I'm going to do with my Windows machine...
  • by LDoggg_ ( 659725 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:29PM (#16218025) Homepage
    Please don't work on the Halo thing until after The Hobbit.
    Your actors aren't getting any younger.
    • I think the LOTR movie series was proof that it does not matter the age or height of your actors. Computers and makeup can pretty much do anything you want.
      • by LDoggg_ ( 659725 )
        Probably true, not to mention the characters that are need to be in the Hobbit are really old even in Hobbit anyways.
        Still I was upset PJ even spent time on king kong. If MGM & New Line did indeed get the green light [] to make The Hobbit, then it should be top priority.

  • What about the promises of backward-compatibility? Or did they forget about that again?

    (yes I'm aware that they didn't specify how much of the library would be backward compatible... but 75% is reasonable, right? or whatever we have now + Psychonauts)
    • They released a big BC update less than a month ago. These things don't happen automagically.
      • if the system was designed properly it would. xbox does NOT have backwards compatibility whatsoever. Backwards compatibility is me taking that windows 98 program that i've used for 10 years (to use an example) and running it on Xp or Vista without problems. Ie the exact same executable file.

        Xbox backwards compatibility is the equivalent of using a big stick to fit a square peg into a round hole.
        • by c_forq ( 924234 )
          In the case of the X-Box it is more like compatiblilty between 64-bit XP and 32-bit XP, or PowerPC Apple and Intel Apple. You have to remember that the 360 is a new arcutecture, so there has to be a software layer for emulation. Just like how almost every driver has to be rewritten for XP64, the software has to be tweaked for each X-Box game.
    • I imagine backwards-compatibility is going to become less and less important as time goes on. IMHO, BC has always been one of those bullet point features for systems, that's rarely utilized by most gamers. Obviously, it's most important when the console first launches, when you've got a number of slightly-older titles that you still want to check out. But as time goes on, many of those slightly-older titles will end up being ones on the next-gen system anyway. And it's rather rare to want to play a REALLY o
  • The MMOG sounds pretty neat. I will never play it (nothing like enough time) but it sounds like it has the potential to do quite well.
    • by Durrok ( 912509 )
      ... or you can play City of Heroes []
      • Amen. I think I'll go out and pick up an Xbox 360 with City of Heroes right now! Or, is that game still only available for Windows PCs?
    • I'm curious to how this will work. I mean the choice of heroes in Comics albeit big is limited. Add to that the fact that most player will want to play the top guns and you will end up with a world of Spideys and Wolverines.
  • Halo the toilet paper, Halo the lunchbox, Halo the flamethrower! (The kids love this one).

    Good thing the game industry is such a source original thought and creativity.
    • Halo the toilet paper, Halo the lunchbox, Halo the flamethrower! (The kids love this one).

      Good thing the game industry is such a source original thought and creativity.

      Every industry, be in TV or movies or games, takes advantage of good franchises. The most obvious examples (especially for us geeks) are Star Wars and Star Trek. Numerous TV shows have had spinoffs, some made into movies, and vice versa.

      The games industry is definately no stranger to this. Nintendo is arguably the first to do this (or at leas

    • Don't knock the TOZT
  • by Lovedumplingx ( 245300 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:34PM (#16218137)
    I think I just heard Sony slit their wrists.

    Really though...these are some big announcements and I haven't heard Sony coming with anything to match them yet.
    • That's probably because X06 is a Microsoft event only, if I'm not mistaken.
    • Sony is ending it all over what exactly?

      You mean having a competitor who included HD playback as an add-on that brings up the full price of the 360 to above the cost of the base PS3?

      Or perhaps you think the expansion of the Halo empire into RTS is reason enough for hari-kari. Or perhaps Bioshock releasing on the 360 whole months before poor PS3 owners ever see it!

      Yes, I'm sure all those things send shivers down Sony spines. Or perhaps not.
  • Misread (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:37PM (#16218179)
    Did anyone else read that title and think: "Sweet. Steve Jackson [] is going to make a Halo game!"
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Shipwack ( 684009 )
      Steve Jackson Games making the next Halo game sounds all well and good, up until the point where the Feds come in and bust him for making a murder simulator trainer...
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      What I really misread, however, was that the HD-DVD itself would cost $200 (as opposed to the HD-DVD unit). But that can be attributed to sloppy wording.
  • Halogen (Score:5, Informative)

    by 63N1U5 ( 840190 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:40PM (#16218259)
    What we all suspected when Microsoft issued a cease and desist to the modders behind Halogen (the Halo themed Command and Conquer mod) has turned out to be a reality. You have to give props to MS for responding to all of the interest for a Halo RTS by creating their own (albeit based on the Age of Empires engine). The official site has already launched with trailers and screenshots (mostly prerendered) at [].
    • The official site has already launched with trailers and screenshots (mostly prerendered) at []

      More importantly, is that Craig Mullins' [] artwork?

      Talk about Bungie connections [] - at the very least, it's attempting a similar style...
    • I didn't see the original article about the Halogen shutdown on Slashdot until just now, but it doesn't look like anyone pointed out the fact that the sentence "We'll be Back and legal, soon!" appears twice on the page when you highlight the text.
    • by Zangief ( 461457 )
      This kind of games are always shut down. Look at Chrono Resurrection, for example.
      • Actually, Microsoft is 'justified' in shutting down Halogen because they ARE making a RTS Halo game.

        On the other hand, SquareEnix hasn't made any announcements or even hinted at a Chrono Trigger 2 (or 3 if you count Chrono Cross).

        • by Zangief ( 461457 )
          They are in their right to do so. It is their IP after all, and neither Halogen or Chrono Resurrection was protected under fair use.

          I always wonder why those people don't do something original. It is pretty obvious that they have the talent to do so, but yet they prefer to waste efforts in project that are doomed to receive a Cease and Desist sooner than later.
  • by kinglink ( 195330 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:44PM (#16218341)
    Doom costs 800 points.. that's 10 dollars for those of us who don't remember the conversion.

    Seriously XBLA used to be a place to get cheap legacy games, and interesting unique games, now with every game coming out at 800 points it's sad. I'm probably going to end up buying doom at some point, but while it was a impulse buy at 400 (1.25 per episode, 4 episodes) I'm going to have to consider it now.

    Any game that's older than 10 years needs to either have significantly new gameplay (not just co-op, time pilot, but you were 400 points so I love you more) for a 10 dollar investment.
    • Re: (Score:2, Flamebait)

      by PaganRitual ( 551879 )
      I want to punch everyone that purchases Doom on XBL. It's the original twitch deathmatch shooter, and on a console it's just wrong. Plain, fucking, wrong. It's dirt cheap in the Collector's Edition pack, and there are plenty of mods online that make it look better and run on Windows and give true mouselook etc etc.

      Meanwhile, all these losers will mess around on XBL with it thinking they are playing a part of history, awkwardly strafing around and hopelessly trying to quickly flick and shoot, when they ar
  • by cubicledrone ( 681598 ) on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:44PM (#16218353)
    Spider-man.. Spider-man.. does whatever a Spider can...


    Cheap shot! Cheap shot! Ambush crit!



    "EEEEERRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHZZZZZZZZZZ!!" /laugh /spit /dance /violin /vanish /vanish /vanish

    Can't wait.
  • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Wednesday September 27, 2006 @02:45PM (#16218361)
    Forget about yet another Windows MMORPG (yet another "WoW Killer" no doubt), what about a Xbox 360 MMORPG?!?! Every since Live came online for the original xbox, we've been waiting fore this and so far, zilch. It's the perfect plaform for it to, the built-in speech capabilities would make raiding and teaming-up easy (and no need to find additional software or pay for a teamspeak server, either)

    And, don't give me that "FFXI" bullshit, either. That was just a poor port of the PC version ("Wait, I need a USB keyboard to talk, WTF?!?!?!"). If I wanted to return to the year 2000, I'd buy it. But I want a modern, *REAL* MMORPG.


    • by Saige ( 53303 )
      The Slashdot summary forgot to mention that Marvel Universe Online is PC and 360 both.

      Here's a 1up article about it [].
    • Wrong and wrong. I suspect Marvel Universe Online is targetted more at the City of Heroes/Villains crowd than the WoW crowd.

      And if you've ever played FFXI for PC, you would know that it was specifically designed around console controls. So much so that it was painful to play up until the 2nd expansion that allowed you to reassign movement controls.

  • Did anyone else listen to the ilovebees story? A game featuring Janissary James and the other 1.1s could be amazing. Especially if Durga was involved.
  • This completely explains the cease & desist that was sent to that Halo RTS mod team earlier this month...

    GTA IV Episodes? That also explains why Sony got their act together finally with the online stuff. It'd be a shame for them to completely lose that exclusive.

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