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A Triple-Standard Disk 210

On the heels of the news of Toshiba's proposed double-standard disk comes word that Warner Brothers engineers have applied for a patent on a triple-standard disk. The new disk would offer HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on one side and standard DVD on the other. From the article: "Warner's plan is to create a disk with a Blu-ray top layer that works like a two-way mirror. This should reflect just enough blue light for a Blu-ray player to read it okay. But it should also let enough light through for HD-DVD players to ignore the Blu-ray recording and find a second HD-DVD layer beneath." See the patent application, filed last month.
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A Triple-Standard Disk

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  • by b100dian ( 771163 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:04PM (#16134050) Homepage Journal
    Thank God that a disc has only two sides.. oh wait..
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:09PM (#16134086)
    The logical next step is the Fusion Disc, with five competing video formats on one side and an audio format on the other side. Also, lots of comfort strips.
  • by jpellino ( 202698 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:11PM (#16134107)
    While working on the road for on The GLOBE Program, I routinely explained to fellow passengers that this was an unprecedented case of hundreds of thousands of kids collecting real environmental data in a dozen areas for use by top scientists, and was a cooperative project between EPA, NSF, NASA, NOAA, Dept of State & Dept of Ed. I soon learned the their universal, blinking amazement was never for the kids/schools/data part, but for the cooperation of 6 gummint agencies.

    This is like that. Someone dare propose that all three systems coexist in a win-win-win scenario? Surely these are the end times.
  • Confusion (Score:2, Funny)

    by corroncho ( 1003609 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:11PM (#16134108)
    This one is really going to confuse my Mom!!!
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  • Curious... (Score:4, Funny)

    by steveo777 ( 183629 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:13PM (#16134118) Homepage Journal
    Did anyone else imagine Wile E Coyote in a lab coat at the ACME factory?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 18, 2006 @06:26PM (#16134213)
    Would someone tell me how this happened? We were the fucking vanguard of disk drives in this country. The Seagate Cheeta was the disk to own. Then the other guy came out with a two-standard disk. Were we scared? Hell, no. Because we hit back with a little thing called the ST-506. That's two-standards and an extra channel. For speed. But you know what happened next? Shut up, I'm telling you what happened--the bastards went to three standardss. Now we're standing around with our cocks in our hands, selling two platters and an extra channel. Speed or no, suddenly we're the chumps. Well, fuck it. We're going to five platters.

    Sure, we could go to three platters next, like the competition. That seems like the logical thing to do. After all, three worked out pretty well, and four is the next number after three. So let's play it safe. Let's make a wider channel and call it the Cheeta turbo. Why innovate when we can follow? Oh, I know why: Because we're a business, that's why!

    You think it's crazy? It is crazy. But I don't give a shit. From now on, we're the ones who have the edge in the multi-side game. Are they the best a man can get? Fuck, no. Seagate is the best a man can get.

    What part of this don't you understand? If two sides is good, and three sides is better, obviously five sides would make us the best fucking disk that ever existed. Comprende? We didn't claw our way to the top of the disk game by clinging to the two-platter industry standard. We got here by taking chances. Well, five platters is the biggest chance of all.

    Here's the report from Engineering. Someone put it in the bathroom: I want to wipe my ass with it. They don't tell me what to invent--I tell them. And I'm telling them to stick two more sides in there. I don't care how. Make the platters so thin they're invisible. Put some on the outside. I don't care if they have to cram the fifth platter in perpendicular to the other four, just do it!

    You're taking the "safety" part of "safety disk" too literally, grandma. Cut the strings and soar. Let's hit it. Let's roll. This is our chance to make disk history. Let's dream big. All you have to do is say that five platters can happen, and it will happen. If you aren't on board, then fuck you. And if you're on the board, then fuck you and your father. Hey, if I'm the only one who'll take risks, I'm sure as hell happy to hog all the glory when the five- platter disk becomes the storage tool for the U.S. of "this is how we shave now" A.

    People said we couldn't go to three. It'll cost a fortune to manufacture, they said. Well, we did it. Now some egghead in a lab is screaming "Five's crazy?" Well, perhaps he'd be more comfortable in the labs at Toshiba, working on fucking electrics. Rotary platters, my white ass!

    Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we should just ride in Sony's wake and make shitty game consoles. Ha! Not on your fucking life! The day I shadow a penny-ante outfit like Sony is the day I leave the disk game for good, and that won't happen until the day I die!

    The market? Listen, we make the market. All we have to do is put her out there with a little jingle. It's as easy as, "Hey, saving with anything less than five plattess is like scraping your beard off with a dull hatchet." Or "You'll be so smooth, I could snort lines off of your ide cable."

    I know what you're thinking now: What'll people say? Mew mew mew. Oh, no, what will people say?! Grow the fuck up. When you're on top, people talk. That's the price you pay for being on top. Which Seagate is, always has been, and forever shall be, Amen, five platters, sweet Jesus in heaven.

    Stop. I just had a stroke of genius. Are you ready? Open your mouth, baby birds, cause Mama's about to drop you one sweet, fat nightcrawler. Here she comes: Put another channel on that fucker, too. That's right. Five platters, two channels, and make the second one SCSI. You heard me--the second strip is SCSI. It's a whole new way to think about data storage. Don't question it. Don't say a word. Just key the music, and call the chorus girls, because we're on the edge--the razor's edge--and I feel like dancing.
  • by svunt ( 916464 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @07:37PM (#16134610) Homepage Journal
    is a 12" vinyl record..on one side, backed by a laserdisc with an SACD embedded into its centre. When I buy one, it will come with a complimentary sample of the new "minidisc within a betamax" unit. Sweet.
  • by kemo_by_the_kilo ( 971543 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @07:49PM (#16134673)
    this reminds me of the whole disposable razor crap.
    Mach 3 has 3 blades.. then shieck was like: well we have 5 plus one on the back because one blade wasnt that bad.
    we have DVDs on one side and cda on the back... to we have DVDs and HD dvds to we have HD-DVD-Rays
    are HD-DVD-Rays as bad as X-rays?
    ... okay now im rambling.
  • by Schraegstrichpunkt ( 931443 ) on Monday September 18, 2006 @08:45PM (#16134944) Homepage

    But then somebody would have to settle on a standard that doesn't involve tons of patent royalties to them.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 18, 2006 @09:10PM (#16135043)
    I agree. I think any self-respecting engineer would be justifiably proud to have pulled off such a clever hack and made it work, but at the same time feel ashamed to have played a part in bringing such a mangled hack to market. This is a cool garage project, but not something that should ever see the light of day.

    Just like DVD-R/W, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, and DRM, this is a case of corporate stupidity and greed dictating bad engineering for what could otherwise have been an excellent product.

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