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ESRB Ratings Promoted by Georgia Attorney General 44

fiorenza writes "At least one state is forgoing the process of cooking up gaming legislation only to have it thrown out in the courts. Georgia is working with the ESRB to educate parents in the state about game ratings, with the state's Attorney General leading up the charge. The obvious question is, why wasn't this tried first, before the mad rush to pass laws that never stand judicial review on account of first amendment issues? The article suggests that similar cooperative announcements from other states may soon follow."
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ESRB Ratings Promoted by Georgia Attorney General

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  • by the_crowing ( 992960 ) on Thursday August 17, 2006 @02:48PM (#15928709)
    About 2 months ago I was in EB games purchasing Half-Life:Anthology, an M-rated game, and upon handing the game to the clerk I was asked for a piece of ID to ensure that I was at least 17 years of age. I was a little shocked at this because it was the first time I had ben IDed while purchasing a video game, however, I was actually glad that I got IDed because I know that if I got IDed, then they must be doing the same to a lot of people and effectively preventing "under-aged" kids from purchasing violent or sexualy explicit video games.

    Being a 20-year-old, I had no problem with the purchase, but this actually came as a breath of fresh air for me to see someone actually taking steps to prevent kids from being exposed to explicit content and trying to releave the games industry of the constant, misdirected accusations that it has been getting over the pat few years.

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