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ESRB Ratings Promoted by Georgia Attorney General 44

fiorenza writes "At least one state is forgoing the process of cooking up gaming legislation only to have it thrown out in the courts. Georgia is working with the ESRB to educate parents in the state about game ratings, with the state's Attorney General leading up the charge. The obvious question is, why wasn't this tried first, before the mad rush to pass laws that never stand judicial review on account of first amendment issues? The article suggests that similar cooperative announcements from other states may soon follow."
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ESRB Ratings Promoted by Georgia Attorney General

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  • by Irish_Samurai ( 224931 ) on Thursday August 17, 2006 @07:04PM (#15931013)
    I'm not targeting you, but I really hate the perception people have of Georgia. We are not all dumb ass rednecks and uneducated slave decendants. That is an ignorant misconception.

    • Anyone get a job off That's here.
    • The CDC is here.
    • We have the largest concentration of College educated African-Americans in the United States.
    • We like to design lotsa weapons at Lockheed-Martin
    • Hartsfield-Jackson, the worlds busiest airport is here.
    • Georgia Tech and Emory are no slouch schools
    • We are expecting 3% annual job growth through 2008
    • Turner Broacasting Systems, CNN, Earthlink, Coca-Cola, UPS, Manhattan Associates, Radiant Systems, Home Depot, Newell-Rubbermaid, Southern Company, Georgia-Pacific, Bell South, Convergent Media Systems, and Delta are all headquartered here.

    Hell, I can go on and on - read a report here. [] We may not be Silcon Valley, but the tech community here is the largest in the South East. And we do regularly pull talent from out West and up North.

    Being that we have such a technically savvy, young population - it makes perfect sense that we would try this( the median age here is 33). Atlanta is almost completely populated by the gamer demographic - our reps know this. Also, being a southern state, our reps have had had to deal with Federal gun control laws - they personally know what it's like to have restrictions thrown on them. They aren't to quick to do it themselves.

    Oh, and I'll pit a Georgia Southern Belle against any Manhattan Socialite or West Coast hottie any day - AND rumor has it girls outnumber the guys almost 2 to 1 in Atlanta.

    I LOVE it here.

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