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Sturdy Laptop Travel Cases? 100

biglig2 asks: "You may have seen on todays news that, after a foiled attempt to smuggle explosives on a plane here in the UK, UK airlines are now banning all cabin baggage on outgoing flights. Great timing, since I'm probably flying to the States next week, and this means putting my laptop, iPod and cellphone into the cargo hold. Since I have to assume that anything I put in the hold is going to be frozen, depressurized, and repeatedly jumped on by the baggage handlers, what hard laptop cases have Slashdot users found to be indestructible?"
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Sturdy Laptop Travel Cases?

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  • by afidel ( 530433 ) on Friday August 11, 2006 @12:27AM (#15886862)
    Baggage handlers may be monkeys but the guys at the shipping companies are great apes, I am 10x more worried about packages then I am about luggage as far as damage, of course misrouting happens more often to luggage.
  • by Kadin2048 ( 468275 ) <> on Friday August 11, 2006 @01:08AM (#15887040) Homepage Journal
    I think the unspoken commentary regarding the finish they put on Zero-Halliburton cases is: if you're rich enough to afford it in the first place, then you're rich enough to replace the damn thing every time it gets scratched.

    That's actually the biggest reason why I would avoid it, or any other kind of obviously high-end, high-tech luggage. You don't want the bag that has your expensive stuff in it, to look like it has expensive stuff in it.

    If I had a Z-H, the first thing I'd do before I checked it in at the airline, would be to put it in a nondescript duffel bag. Maybe something tremendously ugly and/or distinctive (a giveaway bag from the "Swan Lake Camp for Retarded Youngsters" would work well). Particularly since the maximum claimable value for luggage is limited by law to something fairly low, and downright worthless on international flights, you really don't want to have a few thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen. When that nice shiny piece of brushed aluminum or stainless steel fails to come around the luggage-recovery belt, you're going to be out thousands of dollars worth of luggage and gear.

    I think the airlines' liability for checked luggage is limited to something around $9.07 per pound with a maximum of $400 per passenger; disguising your bag so that it doesn't grow legs and walk off seems to me, to be a whole lot more important than looking sharp when you're carrying it around.

    I'd get a Pelican case, or other kind of hard transport case, and then always check it inside of some other crappy bag. Not only will it protect the "real" case, but it'll make it a little less obvious that whatever's inside the bag is valuable enough to warrant such a container.
  • by Kadin2048 ( 468275 ) <> on Friday August 11, 2006 @01:14AM (#15887060) Homepage Journal
    Yeah but unfortunately, unlike Jack Bauer, us normal folks can't go and hunt down and execute the asshat who steals our stuff while in transit, because it looked like something that would be chock full of either expensive electronics, Columbian cocaine, or bundles of fresh $20s.

    Don't put expensive stuff in something that looks like it's designed to transport expensive stuff. You'd be better off putting it in a cardboard box padded with Styrofoam. (That being how they ship laptops to you in the first place, it follows that the machine can take a beating in that configuration.)
  • Common, but dumb. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Kadin2048 ( 468275 ) <> on Friday August 11, 2006 @01:18AM (#15887084) Homepage Journal
    It's a common misconception that cargo holds are not pressurized or climatized.

    You know, the fact that they transport LIVE ANIMALS down there probably should have been a clue ... what do people think they do, give Fido an oxygen tank and a blanket for the duration of the trip?

  • by EvanED ( 569694 ) <evaned@gmail. c o m> on Friday August 11, 2006 @01:42AM (#15887164)
    First of all, this "ban" won't last long.

    I think you're right, but the question still has merit. There are plenty of times you'd like (or at least I would like) a hard case for a laptop besides throwing it in the cargo hold. I said in another reply that I just got a Pelican case (BTW, remembering a similar ask /. question ages ago; thanks to the probably several people who suggested it); this was for a trip to Norway I just had. I used the case even though I carried it as checked luggage.

    Second, why would you link to a website "halliburton" site? Are you fearmongering (ala Republican: let's scare people and take their civil rights), or are you a Democrat: we're not afraid of being blown up in an airplane (because we know the statistical odds)?

    What the hell does politics have to do with this? Halliburton Zero cases are often thought of in the same class as Pelican cases. It's an option for the original poster. If said poster has a moral objection to Halliburton, then that's fine, they don't have to buy from them. But it's a legitimate answer to the question.
  • by stoborrobots ( 577882 ) on Friday August 11, 2006 @04:07AM (#15887560)
    You have 4 million dollars worth of data on a freakin' LAPTOP without a backup at home?! I call that irresponsible. You're fired! :-)
    Who cares about a backup at home, when the laptop is stolen and the data is released to your biggest competitor?
  • Use FedEx (Score:2, Insightful)

    by gmr2048 ( 176781 ) * on Friday August 11, 2006 @08:32AM (#15888211) Homepage
    Consider FedEx-ing (or UPS-ing) your expensive stuff over to meet you upon arrival. You can insure your goodies for their full value, should they get lost/stolen/broken. I don't think the airlines will give you that kind of protection.

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