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E-sports Gaining Popularity in South Korea 20

delirium of disorder writes "According to the JoongAng Daily, a Korean English language newspaper, e-sports are a large and growing pastime in South Korea. The market for organized gaming competitions in South Korea was 40 billion last year and is growing at 29 percent a year. Tens of thousands of people go to watch tournaments and Korea even has three 24-hour television channels devoted exclusively to computer gaming." From the article: "According to the Korea Game Development Institute, the average budget for a pro gaming team in Korea is about 1.5 billion won, which includes practice sites, living quarters and transportation. The income of pro gamers depends on the individual. The highest earners can receive about 200 million won a year in salary and prize money plus endorsements and other additional fees from television appearances."
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E-sports Gaining Popularity in South Korea

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  • Pretty good (Score:5, Informative)

    by Southpaw018 ( 793465 ) * on Friday August 04, 2006 @04:11PM (#15848606) Journal
    200M won is [] about 207k USD. According to this [] article, the cost of living in Seoul is around 90% higher than the average cost of living in the US. So, what these guys are making is tantamount to getting paid $108k or so in the US. That's a pretty damn good chunk of change for playing video games!
    • Ah, good to see that converted to dollars; Also take in account that they probably aren't renting the living quarters they live in, so that also saves a lot on expenses.

      I can only hope one day we westerners also get some 24/7 game-channels; While I am not too much a fan of Starcraft, or any other strategy game for that matter, I wouldn't mind being able to watch the best on the FPS-field battle eachother.
      Currently I do so by downloading demos of great matches, but I'd enjoy it more when I would be able t
  • ...old-age homes in South Korea report rising bandwidth and electricity costs.
  • Is that seriously what it's being called? Please, fix the name.

    Dude: What are you doing?
    Other: Just participating in some massively multiplayer e-sports on my handheld sporting platform.
  • Oh man, the football and basketball couch jocks will go ape crap over seeing nerds listed as (cyber)athletes and their matches listed as "sporting events".

    I remember when ESPN had a "Magic: The Gathering" (in Tokyo, I believe). My coworkers at the time were throwing a hissyfit!
  • It's a tough life being a pro gamer []. Pro gamers like to think a lot, right? I mean I think about all the n00bs in the world, and liek how many have I pwned?
  • i have been to exactly 2 of these e-sport events here in korea. with physical sports, watching on TV is nowhere near as much fun as actually going to a game. it is the exact opposite with e-sport events. spend most of your time trying to tune out the annoying MC and waiting for someone to play a game that you know and then crowd around a plasma screen. the only plus side is that the computers and software are provided by the organizers and presumed to be hack free so the losers can't scream "hax!" as they

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