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Nvidia Unveils New 64x SLI GPU Rig 168

The Register has an answer for the problem of what to get the graphics buff who has everything, Nvidia's new 64x SLI GPU rig. While it doesn't come cheap, a mere $17,500, it will offer rendering at around 80 billion pixels every second and a combined resolution of around 148 megapixels. The new hardware is being targeted at content creators and people doing scientific modeling, and is due to ship in September.
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Nvidia Unveils New 64x SLI GPU Rig

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  • by sprins ( 717461 ) on Tuesday August 01, 2006 @05:42PM (#15827894)
    Seriously, this is what we'll have in our desktop computer for $150 in at most 5 years.
  • by 80 85 83 83 89 33 ( 819873 ) on Tuesday August 01, 2006 @05:56PM (#15827979) Journal

    **best price/performance**
      nVid 7600 GT ($210)
      ATI X1600 XT ($170)
      nVid 6600 GT ($140)
                  (MSI & BFG = quiet)
    **best price/performance**

    the faster at top:

      ATI X800 Pro ~$250 ($150 refurb)
      ATI 9950 ultra (N/A)
      nVid 6800 LE/XT (LE=slower)($150,$300)
      ATI 9800 XT(~$185) (6600GT is above this)
      ATI X700 PRO($125)
      nVid 5900U/5950 Ultra($250)
      ATI 9800 PRO(~$130)
    =ATI 9700 pro
    =ATI 9800 ($90??)
    =nVid 5900/5950
      ATI 9700 ($110)
      ATI X700 (NOT pro)???
      ATI X1300 PRO($80-95)???
      nVid 6600 ($100)
      nVid 5800 ultra
      nVid 5700 Ultra (N/A)
      ATI 9500 Pro ($95 used)
                (yes it beats 9600pro!)
    =nVid 5600 Ultra
    =ATI X600 PRO/XT ($95-114)
    =ATI 9600 pro/XT ($100)
      nVid 5800
      ATI 9800 SE(128 bit)
      nVid 5700/5750
      nVid 6200 non-tc (under $100!)
    =nVid 5600
    =ATI 9500/9550/9600
      ATI X300 non-Hypermem???
      nVid 5700 LE (MINE)
      nVid GF4 Ti 4600
      nVid 5200 ULTRA
      nVid 5600 XT (XT=lower)
      ATI 9600 SE

    this last group of expansion cards is equal to the current generation of integrated onboard graphics
    ***very slow***

    nVid 5200/5500 ($50 PCI)
    nVid PCX 5300
    nVid 6200 Turbocache
    ATI 9200 SE
    ATI X300 SE Hypermemory

    current generation of integrated graphics chipsets:

    -- Intel GMA950
    -- nVidia 6100/6150
    -- ATI xpress 200

  • NOT FOR GAMING (Score:5, Insightful)

    by iamsolidsnk ( 862065 ) on Tuesday August 01, 2006 @06:55PM (#15828310)
    The nVidia Quadro graphics cards are for rendering, not for high-end gaming. The idea in the graphics card market that "more $$$$ == better graphics in games" does not hold true. These Quadro's will perform rather poorly compared to a 7950GTX, currently the top dog in the nVidia consumer graphics card market.

    This computer is for the design/development professional, who needs to render large amounts of video, like digital animation (think Pixar and it's ilk).

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