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The Future of Crime - Biometric Spoofing? 134

AxisPower9 writes "What we often watch in films and television - circumventing biometric security access - is turning from science-fiction to reality. Bori Toth, biometric research and advisory lead at Deloitte & Touche, warned that biometric spoofing is a growing concern. From the article: 'We are leaving our prints everywhere so the chance of someone lifting them and copying them is real. Currently it's only researchers that are doing spoofing and copying. It's not a mainstream activity--but it will be. Many people are trying to regard biometrics as secret but they aren't. Our faces and irises are visible and our voices are being recorded. Fingerprints and DNA are left everywhere we go and it's been proved that these are real threats.'"
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The Future of Crime - Biometric Spoofing?

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  • by inviolet ( 797804 ) <> on Friday July 21, 2006 @09:21AM (#15756073) Journal
    There are three ways to authenticate yourself:

    • something you are (fingerprints, irises, etc.)
    • something you know (passphrase, mother's maiden name, etc.)
    • something you have (key, RSA token, access card, etc.)

    As many have already pointed out, the best security uses a combination of two of the above. This is so because each one of the above has an inherent weakness.
  • by milamber3 ( 173273 ) on Friday July 21, 2006 @10:55AM (#15756833)
    I'm not sure if your comment was meant to be serious. If it was then you must not be someone who works with EEG recordings.

    Take it from me, I record a lot of EEG, they are not easy to record or work with. The artifact that you get from even an eye blink is enough to skew the data. Let alone someone moving other parts of the body. Granted, I don't work on using EEG as a method of identifying individuals but I have my doubts that you could get unique signature from every individual or ask people to hold still long enough when they need to be "verified". No matter what kind of method you are using, I imagine something like a fast fourier transform, a change in someones state of mind will inevitable change the pattern of power frequency and possibly deny them access to their computer/work/whatever.

    Last but not least the conductive gel that is generally used for the scalp electodes should be a concern, no one wants to have that on their head all the time.

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