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Shared Source Device Emulator from Microsoft 29

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft has posted a shared source version of its device emulator (which ships with Visual Studio 2005) for download. Primarily meant for academia to experiment with and build upon, it is licensed under the Microsoft Shared Source Academic License. Since it emulates the ARM processor, it can run all modern Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems. Barry Bond, the architect behind the emulator (and also Rotor, one of Microsoft's previous shared source offerings) has a blog post on the release."
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Shared Source Device Emulator from Microsoft

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  • by olivermoffat ( 211767 ) on Monday July 17, 2006 @04:09PM (#15733287)
    If you write applications for Windows Mobile OS's then this interesting. Otherwise... **yawn**... There's a restrictive license and is bundled with Windows Mobile OS Images only, so there's not much use for it other than as a plugin to Visual Studio. There are plenty of fully free-as-in-speech ARM to x86 JITs and ARM emulators out there with more features and less restrictive licenses. In fact, I would bet ARM is the most emulated device out there. Do a search for "ARM Emulator" see for yourself.

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