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MySpace #1 US Destination Last Week 381

An anonymous reader writes "Hitwise is reporting that MySpace has reached the top, surpassing Yahoo! Mail as the most visited site on the internet for US users. Seeing a 4300% increase in visits in just two short years, this internet sensation has come quite a long ways. From the article: 'To put MySpace's growth in perspective, if we look back to July 2004 represented only .1% of all Internet visits. This time last year represented 1.9% of all Internet visits. With the week ending July 8, 2006 market share figure of 4.5% of all the US Internet visits.'"
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MySpace #1 US Destination Last Week

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  • Piece of cake. (Score:4, Informative)

    by ScentCone ( 795499 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @01:07AM (#15703484)
    Can we translate this type of activity to the 30+ crowd instead of just the teens?

    At the rate that teens and 20-somethings are being dumbed down by visiting MySpace pages, the 30+ crowd that they will become will have lost any ability to grow out of using it.

    1) Get a 16-year-old using MySpace
    2) Wait 14 years - thus, 30-year-old still using MySpace
    3) Profit!
  • Re:blwh (Score:3, Informative)

    by bigman2003 ( 671309 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @01:14AM (#15703507) Homepage
    Nobody has replied yet...but I deserve to get flamed.

    After some research, I found that they are running a huge mish-mash of different languages and middleware. Calling it ColdFusion at this point is pretty much incorrect.

    So, I was wrong.
  • by DigitAl56K ( 805623 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @01:26AM (#15703541)
    The Google search engine is not a 'destination'.
  • by gluecode ( 950306 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @02:03AM (#15703619)
    I speak to the person who runs their (myspace) ad servers, every week. He tells me that they average 3.7 billion page views per day. They run a custom version of the Doublick 5 ad servers, almost 400 of these servers. But they have a issue of how to monetize this traffic. They are trying to find ways to do that. They have a lot of junk ad inventory. I hear that they are getting very much into the mobile space in the US and internationally - video blogging, photo blogging etc. This way they can make atleast two dollars per user month over mobile services. On another note, Micrososft is working with them very closely to convert their server farm from Cold Fusion to ASP.Net 2.0.
  • by Timbotronic ( 717458 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @02:44AM (#15703724)
    On another note, Micrososft is working with them very closely to convert their server farm from Cold Fusion to ASP.Net 2.0.

    This is an interesting one. MySpace is written in ColdFusion but actually runs on the .NET version of BlueDragon []. BlueDragon is a .NET (or Java) application that runs ColdFusion code as an alternative to Adobe's ColdFusion server.

    So what we have currently is a situation where:
    1. Adobe can't really claim that MySpace is running ColdFusion because it's running in .NET on a competitor's server not theirs and
    2. Microsoft isn't really crowing about MySpace running .NET because it's written in a competitor's language. Not surprising that they're 'working closely' to fix that!
  • by 1u3hr ( 530656 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @03:49AM (#15703866)
    the fools on Myspace who have unique names, or even the ones with common names but specific addresses (or other identifying personal info) posted. In all liklihood every single trivial fact, every single inane/insane rant has been archived *somewhere* and it'll eventually turn up in a Google search

    Google doesn't keep archives of websites permanently (or doesn't make them available if they do). When they re-spider a site they replace their copy with the current data; old pages will disappear from its search results after a few months. may do so however, but they're a long way from complete.

  • by MattHawk ( 215818 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @08:42AM (#15704439) Homepage
    Google's design is lightweight. Myspace does not even pretend to suffer from this convenience. Google might very well account for more unique visitors, but Myspace makes up for the visitors by having each page view result in a significantly greater amount of bandwidth usage. Not to mention, if Google is working in it's optimum capacity, it minimizes page views - if you only load the front page, and then find what you're looking on in the first page of search results, it doesn't generate many page hits.
  • by grouchomarxist ( 127479 ) on Wednesday July 12, 2006 @12:26PM (#15706127)
    You say "I don't know a single person that uses Myspace" and "I'm told Myspace's servers are about as reliable a crack addict". That sounds like a contradiction. Or perhaps the entities that inform you about Myspace's servers are not people.

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