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Other Game Bundles For the Cost of the PS3 149

ImaNumber writes "When Sony announced the price of the PS3 many people were left dumbfounded at how expensive it was going to be. Microsoft joked that people would get the Xbox360 and the Wii instead. Brittlefish has taken this a step further and put together a list of some other gaming 'bundles' that you could buy instead of just getting one PS3. You might be surprised at what you can get for that kind of money."
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Other Game Bundles For the Cost of the PS3

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  • Wow... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jamestheprogrammer ( 932405 ) on Friday July 07, 2006 @07:50PM (#15680376)
    I can see a lot of parents buying this bundle rather than the PS3 for the same price:
    # The "And A Friend" bundle ( $600 ): $250 - Wii $260 - 2 DS Lites $90 - extra Wii-mote and 2 retro controllers (estimate)
    This would be perfect for those common families that make up so much of America with two kids... the two DSs will keep them from constantly saying "Are we there yet?" in the car, and that Wii will keep them entertained at home. And you get all that for the same price of a PS3...
    • Re:Wow... (Score:3, Funny)

      by also-rr ( 980579 )
      Personally I'm thinking that the WII with a stand made from $400 in cash seems like a pretty interesting option.
  • I know people are ranting and raving about the fact the PS3 is so expensive, but isn't Sony also trying to advertise the fact it is a media centre as well as just a console? I suppose if you remember that Sony are trying this angle too, the price seems more reasonable.

    Then again, the Xbox and Xbox 360 are both capable of playing DVDs and CDs just fine and they never had such a steep price tag...
    • A media sentry? Does it transform into a mecha-soldier and forcibly defend my video games and DVDs from burglars?

      • Almost right.

        Think DRM.

        Consider the "media sentry" as hardware version of their rootkit!
      • Why is it constantly necessary to remind Americans that people who might not live in the same country or speak/type in the same English form as you also post here on Slashdot. Centre = center. It's still English, get a clue you ethnocentric prick.

        Sorry, I've been silent after seeing this happen like 3 times today in different threads. Couldn't hold it any longer and I'm fresh out of mod points.
        • Because obviously, every other spelling of American words is goofier and sillier than the original.
        • I'm American, and I agree with you. Centre isn't even close to being sentry or any horrible permutation of it.
          • I'll second that. How the hell do you get "sentry" from "centre"? When I first saw that, I had to go back and scan the original post for the phrase "Media Sentry", when I didn't find it, I suddenly realized what they were talking about, and it just pissed me off! Sometimes I purposefully use english spellings like that just to make people wake up. Sometimes I fucking hate Americans.

            Kuddos to the person who originally called them on it. If I had, my post would have been a lot longer, and a lot more flagran

        • jrieth50,

          I assume you're referening to the post:

          "A media sentry? Does it transform into a mecha-soldier and forcibly defend my video games and DVDs from burglars?


          1) It's a just a pun based on an alternative pronunciation of "centre." If you had never seen the word before, it's a somewhat plausible phonetic pronunciation of the letters. (The pun is a bit of a stretch, but the mental image of a giant console guarding the games is funny enough to excuse it.)
          2) The post doesn't
    • When you consider that the price of a standalone Blu-Ray player is $1000, PS3's $600 ($500 if you get the cheaper one that doesn't lose much) price tag doesn't seem so hefty.
      • by EGSonikku ( 519478 ) <<petersen.mobile> <at> <gmail.com>> on Saturday July 08, 2006 @01:25AM (#15681618)
        "This Sony product is cheap compared to this other Sony product!" is not a very valid point when Sony controls the pricing on both.

        I rather imagine this is how it happened at Sony HQ (in the land of Mordor, on the slopes of Mount Doom...)

        [SONY EXEC A] We may have a difficult time selling the PS3 at $600 ...

        [SONY EXEC B] Hey! Iv'e got an idea! Lets just charge $1000 for our Blu-Ray player that no one will buy! By *comparison* the PS3 seems incredibly cheap!

        [SONY EXEC A] Great idea! In fact, we don't even *need* to make the standalone player! We just announce it and a price and keep delaying it untill after the PS3 is out! It's whole point in life will just be to sit there and look expensive next to the PS3!

        [SONY EXEC B] BRILLIANT! Lets go make some hats out of money and torture some kittens.

      • Unless, of course, you have no interest in Blu-Ray. Then you are paying $600/$500 for a console that could have cost $250(?) without the feature that you don't want. Plus, getting the Blu-Ray player means buying new movies for it, otherwise its a waste, and getting an HDTV to experience the full effect of Blu-Ray, otherwise its a waste. That is unless you aren't going to use it at all in which case I just threw ~$250 out the window.

        Make Blu-Ray an optional add-on (I believe I read that no games will
        • The Blu-Ray drive means more for the PS3 then just HD movies. It means developers have a lot more space to make their games in, rather then having to confine them to 8.5GB, or have to fragment the game into two parts. While games right now might not need >10GB or whatever, in a few years time they most certainly will.
          • How nice of Sony to think of us. To keep us from the pain and suffering of having to swap two or even *gasp* FOUR plastic discs over the course of a game. And it only added what? $100 - $300 to the final cost of the console. A small price to pay for that little bit of convenience!

            Seriously, though. The point is valid. A Blu-Ray drive adds what, exactly? HD movies which there's a VERY small market for, and more space for games, which hardly justifies the added expense.

            I fail to see the value. Console
    • Uh, the Xbox 360 is a media center at least as much as the PS3 and it's cheaper and in stores now.

      (Given, the original Xbox media center software stunk, but I hear the software on the 360 is really good. In any case, I've used Sony software before, and it all pretty much sucks.)

      That might be Sony's excuse, but it's a bad excuse.
  • By my calculations, if you spend $20 a month on MMO subscriptions then you can spend $600 on two-and-a-half years (30 months) of MMO playing. Granted, $20 a month is a bit more than most subscriptions are today, but we can assume that this will include paying for the game in the first place and the inevetiable inflation.

    So which would you pick: one PS3 or two-and-a-half years of playing WOW?

  • by hurfy ( 735314 ) on Friday July 07, 2006 @08:27PM (#15680563)
    $250 for (orig) Xbox and racing games to race online since PC online racing SUCKS
      $50 for live
    $100 for something i forgot for Xbox
    $200 BEER to make it look like a 360/PS3 ;)

    Mandatory: Bash Bash Bash Sony Sony Sony
  • by Swordsmanus ( 921213 ) on Friday July 07, 2006 @08:51PM (#15680681) Homepage
    I'm suprised he didn't include a PS2 or other "current"-gen home console bundle to take off the edge from the bias in the article.


    The "I love Sony Anyway" Bundle: ~$586
    Prices are from BestBuy.com unless otherwise noted.

    PS2 ($130)

    Extra controller ($25)

    Guitar Hero ($70)

    God of War ($20)

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence ($30)

    GTA: Vice City and San Andreas ($40)

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 ($15)

    Resident Evil 4 ($40)

    NFL 2006 (even though arguably earlier versions are better and cheaper) ($30)

    Shadow of the Collossus ($40)

    Final Fantasy X ($20)

    Burnout 3: Takedown ($20)

    Virtua Fighter 4 ($4 used from Gamestop.com)

    Devil May Cry ($10 used from Gamestop.com)

    World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Int'l ($20 used from Gamestop.com)

    Gran Turismo 4 ($20)

    NHL 2002 ($2 used from Gamestop.com)

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance ($25 used from Gamestop.com)

    Soul Calibur 2 ($15)

    Shipping if buying from gamestop.com ($10+)

    So you can get a collection of outstanding games across all genres instead of a PS3. Of course, if you're already a PS2 owner and own most if not all the games above (and more), then well this won't apply.
    And don't get me wrong, I don't particuarly love Sony. I actually own mostly Nintendo systems. But I'm suprised there were no current-gen bundles at all. I guess that takes too much effort for a professional web journalist!
    • The reaon for the lack of "current"-gen bundles can be inferred from the disclaimer at the bottom:
      And, yes, those are affiliate links. Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself, so if you don't like it don't click on them.
      Each of the featured items earned its spot in his bundles with cold, hard cash.
    • Damn straight. I just bought a used Xbox the other day, along with 16 *good* games and an extra controller for less than $350 CDN. Hell, the Xbox and PS2 is where it's at right now. You can get plenty of fine games for under $10 each.

      Stay one step behind the current gen, and you'll save a ton of money. You just have to ignore all the hype about the latest games.
  • Discover! (Score:4, Funny)

    by darkhitman ( 939662 ) on Friday July 07, 2006 @08:55PM (#15680695)
    Buying an XBox 360: $400
    Buying a Wii: $250

    Watching Sony's entire marketing department get sacked: Priceless.
  • Honestly, it really is quite a bit of money. I, for one, will probably wait until the bugs are worked out before considering it. If the PS3 can really become a Media Center, then I will gladly pay $600 for it. But I have pretty high standards for what a Media Center needs to be in my house.

    See, I have about every electronic toy I have ever wanted. My cell phone is a PPC-6700 PDA phone with unlimited EV-DO (higher speed internet). I own several laptops. I have a PSP which I game with and also a couple
  • ~$600-$700 for the 60 gig model is a lot for a video game console but how much did you expect the first gen Blue Ray player to cost anyway? The 1st 2 HD-DVD players were $500 & $900+. I'd call that a decent price for a Blue Ray player with an awesome video game console thrown in.
  • by Ratbert42 ( 452340 ) on Friday July 07, 2006 @11:15PM (#15681199)
    Used N64 and 10 games: $50
    TV for the kids to play N64 on: $100
    Lock for the kid's room: $20
    Gamecube: $70
    Three decent adult Gamecube games: $100
    Beer and chips: $60
    Earrings to shut the wife up: $200

  • XBox used - ~$100

    Apple Mod chip - $15

    300 gb hd - ~$85

    Evox bios/XBMC/DVD2Xbox/emulators:roms:NES:SNES:MAME:AT ARI...etc - FREE

    160 Xbox game Rentals - $400

    3 years to play it all till next gen matches above price and hackability....
  • by Gogo0 ( 877020 )
    How about in stead of a Wii and five games, or an Xbox2 and two games, or any other combination that comes out at $600, you just buy what you want and then save the rest?

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