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Halloween the U.S. Release Date for FFXII 50

Along with trick or treat candy, gamers can look forward to Final Fantasy XII finally launching here in the states on October 31st. 1up has the story: "What better way to enjoy left over Halloween candy than by digging into an epic RPG adventure? Additionally, Square Enix will be releasing a Collector's Edition for $59.99 via EB Games and GameStop websites and retail stores featuring special packaging and a bonus DVD with Japanese and American trailers, developer interviews, an art gallery and featurettes on the Final Fantasy series. "
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Halloween the U.S. Release Date for FFXII

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  • When you're talking about a special edition, why not include some of the older versions running on the (available) emulators? I guess it's hard to get the PS2 to do emulation, but at least including some of the low-selling older PS1 FF versions would be a nice gesture to long time fans of the series.
    • Personally, I think one of the better bonuses could have been the inclusion of FF7, now on one single DVD. Advent Children sold quite a few copies, so I'm sure there are some people who would enjoy playing the game for the first time and not need to cycle through numerous discs.

      But, back on topic, yeah, I'll get this.
    • _______________
      | Final Fantasy |
      | I, II, III,.. |
      | IV, V, VI,... |
      | VII, VIII,... |
      | IX, X, XI,... |
      | ..And........ |
      | XII!......... |
      No wonder they won't do it, the ink alone would drive them bankrupt!
    • Considering it seems to be a trend lately to throw in the first few games (emulated) from a series with a new release that would sound appropriate but S-E is remaking the old FFs game by game so they might not consider that profitable. I have a hunch we'll see a FF7 remake within a few years because it's a guaranteed moneymaker. They're currently working on FF3 (DS) and 5 (GBA) remakes IIRC and 1, 2 and 4 already saw remakes (GBA) so 6 and 7 will probably be next. Perhaps a simultaneous release of FF7 remak
    • 1-6 will be completely out of the question by that point. When the Wii hits, Square will probably release 1, 4, and 6 on the virtual console. Nintendo will most likely want exclusive rights back for those games. Not to mention, IV was just re-released on GBA, and V and VI are soon to follow, not to mention the remake of III... that leaves I and II, which were just re-released 2 years ago for GBA, and then 2 years before that for PS1.

      With all of this, there's even a good chance that Nintendo won't release

  • The thing that's usually turned me off from FF games (and other series, like Dragon Quest) is all the random battles. The new battle system in FF 12 certainly has its detractors, but I think it's a good thing. Maybe I'll rent it first...
    • Have you played it? If it plays like the demo they shipped with Dragon Quest 8 it's going to be one of the worst games ever released. Maybe I'm just biased because I don't like the boring gameplay of most MMORPGs even when there are other people playing and the thought of spending 40 hours playing one by myself isn't very appealing. But I couldn't even get through the second demo (the first one lasts like 2 minutes) because after about 7 minutes I was falling asleep.

      Sure Square's ATB (and FFX regression)
  • by cascino ( 454769 ) on Thursday June 29, 2006 @02:46PM (#15629892) Homepage
    but trust me, it's a GREAT game. i've played through the japanese import, and it's brilliant. combat, storyline, pacing, environments, battles... all well done. it's not dumbed-down like many of the recent games have been either. if you have liked any of the previous ff games (especially those prior to the playstation era) it's worth checking this out. i personally loved it.
    • Is the main character whiny or does he have a tendency to act without thinking?
  • They're just giving the FF cosplayers an excuse to go out and stand in line in full pseudo-FF regalia.
  • I'm glad the release date has been announced. However I am focusing on the EU launch, as i'm fearful we won't receive it until mid-2007 considering FFX took 1 full year to be released from Japan launch to EU launch. We did get a crapload of extra featuers, Dark Aeons. Hoping we'll get the same treatment, but it's still along time to wait.
  • Pfft... (Score:1, Troll)

    by TheNoxx ( 412624 )
    Still waiting for those guys over at Square to stop dicking around and get the Vagrant Story team back together and make the bloody sequel. Enough of this rinse and repeat crap.
    • Enough of this rinse and repeat crap.

      You realize it's a bit hypocritical to say that after you say you're hoping for a sequel to VS, right?

      By the way, FFXII and VS have the same director and composer (and I believe they share a few other team members, too, but I can't recall off the top of my head). They've got quite a bit in common, stylistically.
      • Not really; I'm asking for more in line of an RPG that was remarkably different in plot, execution, content, maturity, art direction, and gameplay. The reason they call it Final Fantasy XII is because they've already made eleven others of the same kind.

        While I haven't, of course, had a chance to play it, the art direction does lean toward that of VS, but I'm unsure about the everything else. The characters seem to have the same structure as the last few in the FF series; and while those characters have been
  • Watching the opening CG animation on my 52" TV looks good (measurements are + - 10" since I don't remember the exact size of the TV).

    After watching the imported FFXII, I can't wait to hook up a PS3's HDMI port and put in FFXIII. Probably some wonderful [eye] candy even snickers can't even satisfy.
  • They's have to offer a whole lot more than a special DVD and packaging for me to buy FFXII. I wasn't impressed with the demo packaged with DQ8, and even though finished game was a whole lot better than that demo ever was I don't see myself buying this game. I got to play it for a while when I was in Tokyo at the end of March(I actually got there the day after it was released) and it just didn't seem fun. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy FFXII, but unfortunately I won't be purchasing it. Quite sad giv
  • Anyone share my feelings when it comes to FF?
    http://little-gamers.com/index.php?comicID=1385 [little-gamers.com] [Depend on where you work, NSFW]
    (Since FFX it's been getting more and more like Xenogears)
  • There's a pretty much totally unsubstantiated story [theinquirer.net] that the release date for the Nintendo Revolution has been leaked and it's coming out at the same time. If true that will be a bad week for many gamers' pocketbooks :)

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!