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RMS Calls to Liberate Cyberspace 578

Henri Poole writes "In an interview with Groklaw's Sean Daly at GPLv3 Conference in Barcelona, RMS talks with passion about the dangers of DRM. From the article: 'the point is, we shouldn't be passive victims! We should decide that it will not happen! And the way we decide that is by activism. We have to do everything possible to make sure that those products are rejected, that they fail, that they give bad reputations to whoever makes them.' He closed the interview with a far reaching goal for the Free Software Movement: 'the goal is to liberate everyone in cyberspace.'"
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RMS Calls to Liberate Cyberspace

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  • by Jedi Alec ( 258881 ) on Monday June 26, 2006 @01:35AM (#15603639)
    Apparently not. This time he had a black leather trenchcoat, small sunglasses and was holding out 2 strangely colored pills.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday June 26, 2006 @01:46AM (#15603666)
    8am - Wakes up outside the Center for Marxist Education (MIT) in Cambridge as another bum shits on him. Thinks this sucks and that he would like an apartment, but can't find a landlord with an apartment that is free as in speech and beer. Falls back asleep.

    9am - Wakes up again.

    9:15am - Goes to men's room at MIT to wash shit off. Gives himself sponge bath. Shit comes off (somewhat), but he really isn't clean since he refuses to take a shower.

    9:45am - Decides to shave 2 inches off beard after someone in MIT restroom mistakes him for Osama Bin Laden.

    10am - Goes to McDonalds for breakfast. Gets into arguement with workers behind counter after they refuse to give him a free as in speech and beer breakfast. Also gets into arguement with the manager about why McDonalds should be called GNU/McDonalds due to the fact that he eats there.

    11:30am - After being thrown out of McDonalds since the staff doesn't want a DGH deterring lunch rush, RMS goes to the McDonalds' dumpster to find food. Eats a "GNU/Quarter Pounder" and "GNU/fries" covered with "GNU/mold". He consideres the food better since it is free as in speech and beer.

    12:30am - Goes back to MIT to recruit MIT students into writing free software. RMS is unable to enter anyone's office since everyone has placed spider plants in their offices. (He has a phobia a spider plants.)

    1pm - RMS protests GWB (George W. Bush) for not being GNU/GWB and believing in copyrights. Wanders out of Cambridge and into Waltham. Police find RMS and arrest him for violating the ordinance that says he is not allowed to enter Waltham. (All towns surrounding Cambridge have this ordinace.) Police beat him and deport him back to Cambridge.

    3pm - Goes back to MIT and creates a plan for dealing with overpopulation by killing everyone who uses non-free software. Writes code into next version of emacs to implement that feature

    5pm - Tries to read email. RMS finds out he is dangerously over quota due to an email from Doctress Neutopia. This email is 65 megabytes of nothing but ASCII text. It is similar to an email he gets everyday since 1995 when he and Docress Neutopia had a brief fling. The email says that she would like to have a relationship with him, but he needs to accept her lovoution, stop his polygamous goat fucking and clean off the hair, dirt, food, and feces off his keyboard. RMS responds with a 9 megabyte email (of nothing but text) explaining that he could only consider getting into a relationship with her if she changed her name to GNU/Doctress Neutopia.

    5:30pm - Reads rest of his email. His email is bombarded with trolls and goatse. RMS is turned on by the goatse and beats off to it.

    6pm - Still beating off to goatse

    7pm - Still beating off to goatse

    8pm - Still beating off to goatse

    9pm - Breaks into MIT vending machine to have a free as in speech and beer snack.

    10pm - Breaks into a liquor store for free as in speech and free as in beer beer. Gets drunk.

    10:15pm - Walks around drunk yelling, "Use free software!!!!", "It's GNU/Linux you capitalist pigs!!!!" and "I am a goat fucker!!!!".

    11:45pm - Collapses in front of the Center for Marxist Education. Goes to sleep.
  • Correction (Score:5, Funny)

    by fido_dogstoyevsky ( 905893 ) <axehandle@gmai l . com> on Monday June 26, 2006 @01:58AM (#15603692)
    Was RMS wearing a Superman outfit when he made his call to liberate cyberspace.

    Actually, Superman wears a Stallman outfit.
  • by tm2b ( 42473 ) on Monday June 26, 2006 @03:58AM (#15603993) Journal
    Bah. The facts have a well-known anti-Bush agenda.
  • by smittyoneeach ( 243267 ) * on Monday June 26, 2006 @06:49AM (#15604367) Homepage Journal
    Now, for us, the question of how a program is developed is a secondary issue.

    While RMS is to be admired for many things, basic project management may not be among them.
  • by eraserewind ( 446891 ) on Monday June 26, 2006 @08:49AM (#15604761)
    Yes and whatsmore, unlike RMS, Jesus actually existed!!

"I prefer the blunted cudgels of the followers of the Serpent God." -- Sean Doran the Younger