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More 'Hero' Games Without Guitars Likely 105

In light of the popularity of the Guitar Hero game, Next Generation reports that it is very likely RedOctane will be publishing several more 'Hero' series games. From the article: "The next logical step within this category is to make other music instrument-based games. What most people have been asking for and would want next are products that we're likely already working on."
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More 'Hero' Games Without Guitars Likely

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  • by Brunellus ( 875635 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @06:00PM (#15544242) Homepage

    ...I would be very interested to see how a Piano Hero would work. Guitar Hero has, do with actually knowing how to play guitar. Would they similarly "abstract" the keyboards? Could they?

    The frustration level will be high for a game that would (at its highest "level") require both feet and all ten fingers moving independently.

  • by kthejoker ( 931838 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @06:57PM (#15544743)
    3 Observations on Guitar Hero

    1) Totally for guys. The phallic rush, the manipulation, the aggressive music choices. They don't call it "wanking" for nothin'.

    2) Seriously. Why mess with a great formula? Just keep releasing expansion packs, offer some Online Play for interactive jamming/competition, and the ability to record some karaoke for fun/Net trading. Lots of variation left within the first incarnation.

    3) Since most other instruments require the use of the mouth (brass and woodwinds), the only instruments really left are drums and keys. Which, while fun, require you to sit down, thereby denying many of the joys of performing on Guitar Hero - the booty shakes, the leg kicks, the windmill, etc.
  • by whathappenedtomonday ( 581634 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @08:05PM (#15545202) Journal
    Seriously, there have been moments in the game that I've hit some tricky combination of chords and just Felt It. And it felt good.

    If this worked so well for you, get a cheap electric guitar [] or even NI's Guitar Rig [] and play along with a bunch of your favorite MP3s. You're going to be amazed at how easily you can fit some improvised melodies or even chord sequences into most of the (mainstream) music available today - on a real guitar, without being a genius or a rockstar. Start with songs you know well, don't be discouraged by wrong notes - if you keep trying (like in the game), you're gonna find the right ones. Improve the songs and add what you always felt was missing.

    In fact, that's how I started to play: listen, find your way on the fretboard, experiment, examine and gradually Feel where to fret next. It works, honest! Give it a try if you can. You're going to get a lot more out of the real thing than out of that (IMHO kinda silly) game! Especially if you use GR2 [/shameless plug]

    I do think the Hero series is a great appetizer, but as you said, it's no comparison to the real thing. A real guitar isn't that hard to handle - unless you want to play like Joe Satriani and the likes.

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