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Icy-Flo - The solution to this summer's heat 145

Steve Kerrison writes "Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I'd like to think of this as more of an exercise in cunning. It's hot, but I'm not, thanks to an Icy-Box and a Panaflo. This was nearly categorised as hardware hacking, but then the only 'hacking' required was the removal of four thumb-screws."
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Icy-Flo - The solution to this summer's heat

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  • Wow (Score:5, Insightful)

    by I Like Pudding ( 323363 ) on Monday June 12, 2006 @08:00AM (#15516053)
    How in god's name was this article accepted? HE PLUGGED A FAN INTO A POWER LEAD! WOW!

    Alert the media.
  • Pssst... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by thrill12 ( 711899 ) on Monday June 12, 2006 @08:10AM (#15516103) Journal
    ...this is a secret plot to scare people away from slashdot - it all adds up:

    * stage A: post dupe articles with increasing frequency to annoy regular reader
    * stage B: completely re-skin slashdot to confuse reader even more
    * stage C: post outright annoying articles on confusing, technically shallow subjects to scare the last bit of slashdotters away
    * stage D: ????
    * stage E: profit !
  • by madsdyd ( 228464 ) on Monday June 12, 2006 @08:30AM (#15516160)
    Well, I always thought it was also about beeing clever, and implementing stuff that in some sense was "better" than what non-hackers would think up.

    And, even applying my most friendly view on it, there is nothing clever about powering a (5V) fan from the (12V) power supply on a portable hd.

    In addition to that, its a somewhat dangerous solution, and it is suboptimal even to the cheapest ventilator you can buy. (Which will most likely rotate, and thereby make the airflow more tolerable). So I do not believe it qualifies for beeing better in any sense.

    But, perhaps I am just beeing harsh because I did not expect slashdot to post such a "story".

    Regards hack value: Last year, some guy posted a story about doing his own air-condition. That was a worthy hack, IMO.
  • by Nicodemus101 ( 960204 ) on Monday June 12, 2006 @08:43AM (#15516209)
    Would never have know that fan + power = working fan My day is complete

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