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360 Spring Update Now Available 69

A little late, but just as impressive as promised, the Spring Update to Xbox Live is now available for download. The most anticipated feature is the addition of 'background' downloading and download queueing. The update also reorganizes where several oddly placed options were located, and generally smooths the UI experience.
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360 Spring Update Now Available

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  • by maddskillz ( 207500 ) on Tuesday June 06, 2006 @11:52AM (#15480386)
    It's nice to see there will be a bunch of new features added. Most of them do look quite helpful.
    I just wish they would support DIVX. I guess this would only encourage copywrite infringement or something.
    • Yeah but if they just told the Movie studios to screw off and made a real media center (that plays MY videos) there would be a whole lot less people bothering with modchip and hacking,.
    • by NekoXP ( 67564 ) on Tuesday June 06, 2006 @12:43PM (#15480815) Homepage
      It would kind of dilute their marketing for Windows Media.

      That, and DivX charges licensing fees for it. Every XBox would be "encumbered" with an extra fee payable to DivX Networks, Inc. - this is how the DivX DVD player industry works. I don't think MS want to pay for an MPEG4 codec when they have a pretty okay MPEG4 codec they can license to themselves for free (including the one specified for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD as a mandatory supported codec..)
      • They could easily get around that by just offering the Divx codec for download through the Xbox Live Marketplace. People who wanted it could buy the codec, people who don't want it don't have to pay the extra fees... everyone is happy (well except the MPAA but their happiness doesn't count)
        • DivX could get around it by offering it to Microsoft as a product on Live Marketplace, sure. For a play-only codec (how many would consider encoding on an XBox360?) which is free to every other PC owner on the planet, I dunno if many people would buy it.

          That said with a Mac version, decent ATI graphics support (videosoap, pixelshader tricks etc. to improve quality) they have little work to do to do it. Maybe it could be a $5 download and everyone would be happy. I wonder how much development DivX would ACTU
    • It's not quite as seamless, but if you're using Media Center, you can install transcode360 [] on your MCE PC and select 'transcode' from the more menu when browsing videos from the device. Works great for me, apart from the few extra remote presses to play the clip.
  • Is there any worry of turning your box into a brick when doing this?

    I.E. is it firmware based and can people mess it up? I would like to know (just out of curiosity) how they are maanging this...
  • I wonder if the "Better support for Xbox 360 game disc recognition" update is made to work around the DVD firmware hack. Anyone have any input regarding this yet?
  • ... and yet none of the Arcade games that were demo'ed at E3 were released, even SF2:HF that other reviewers are saying is fully ported over and working well. Sheesh, give some stuff that I want, and I'll finally redeem my 15000 pts card.
    • Sheesh, give some stuff that I want, and I'll finally redeem my 15000 pts card

      You spent $187.50USD on Microsoft Points? Damn. Then again, it would cost you $957.38USD [], or 76,590.4 Points, to purchase everything on the Marketplace (as of last month, anyway).

      80 Points = $1USD, so 15,000 Points = $187.50USD. I assume you mean either 1,500 Points (purchased through the Marketplace online for $18.75USD) or a 1,600 Point card purchased for $20USD + tax from a brick and mortar store.

    • Soon. Just have a little patience. You'll have plenty more reasons to use those points soon.

      BTW, ask those reviewers if they played SF2 online. I bet they didn't. Considering the reports of online play issues for Capcom's Xbox 1 games (I never played any myself), I'm glad they're taking more time to work on the online play portion for the 360.

      I'm more looking forward to Lumines Live myself...
  • I got the update, but as of last night I still could not peform the background downloads. It still says my download was cancelled.
    • I got the update, but as of last night...

      If you JUST got the update then as of last night you didn't have the update to allow you to do background downloads. It wasn't released until this morning so expecting to be able to use a feature of the update before you got the update is just silly

  • Does anyone who has downloaded the update know what the "full" USB keyboard support means? Prior to the patch I was able to use the keyboard at any system-level text entry point.
  • I had trouble updating for a good hour or so : the progress bar would jump up in steps to about 80% before resetting to 0%. Abt 10 secs after that, an error message would pop-up saying either my hard disk is full or there is a connection problem. I tried this many times of course. Each time the error message occurred, I would be automatically signed out. When I tried to sign in again - on 4 occassions the machine simply hung. Display freezes. Pressing the controller gets no response and I had to turn off t
  • They still have not fixed the bug when using the VGA cable in a PAL region some games do not support PAL-60. The error message tells you to go change the settinsg in the display section, which is rather amusing as that option does not exist if you are using the VGA cable. The only fix seems to be hooking up an old tv to get the setting to appear change it and reconnect your trusty Plasma screen...Thats all well and good if you actually still own an old tellie...*sigh*

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