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Red Hat Linux Summit Day By Day 59

Joe Barr writes "NewsForge (also owned by OSTG) has complete coverage of the second annual Red Hat Summit, covering everything from the announcements of Mugshot and 108, Eben Moglen's inspirational and FUD-countering defense of free software and the GPL, to One Laptop Per Child's Nicholas Negroponte asserting that Intel is 'pissing on us.'" From the defense of Free Software: "He spoke primarily about freedom, and the American legacy inherent in free software. He reminded us that there was a day when the word 'yankee' was not automatically preceded by the word 'damn' or followed by the words 'go home.' In fact, he noted, it was once most often followed by the word ingenuity. He also spent a lot of time discussing patents, and explaining why they were added to our legal system so that the world's brightest, most creative people, would move here. Today, however, Moglen says, 'the patent system is an unbridled and unnecessary headache.' He then went on to describe how patents stifle innovation and creativity today. "
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Red Hat Linux Summit Day By Day

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  • by hackwrench ( 573697 ) <hackwrench@hotmail.com> on Saturday June 03, 2006 @08:28PM (#15463983) Homepage Journal
    Rrally? When was that? I just bought a used copy of "The Great Conteporary Issues Series, Set I Vol. 7. 1978 edition, which has a newspaper article dated Nov 2, 1924, entitled "U.S. Indicted as the Most Lawless Country", byline Evans Clark.
  • Back to class! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Ian.Waring ( 591380 ) on Sunday June 04, 2006 @03:34AM (#15465274) Homepage
    Red Hat offer support subscriptions per *server*, not per user. And i'd get back to class pretty quickly - satellite server does not take away an obligation to buy support for your servers if you want Red Hat to respond to telephone calls, or to supply updates, on them. And Red Hat don't sell licenses at all - only support and update subscriptions.

    Satellite server just acts as a cache to stop every machine pulling updates from Red Hat individually, plus the ability to do PIXie boots, to clone systems and, if needed, to be able to distribute updates without having the machines connected to the Internet - if that's what you want to do.

    The differences between MS's business model and that for open source aren't that far apart - both provide functionality "as is" with no warranty nor obligation for "fitness for purpose" (if in doubt, read the EULA that came with Windows or Office). Red Hat charge for support and updates, and you can use support and install any supported version (even new ones as they arrive) while you have a valid subscription active; at the end of the subscription term, you're still free to use the software whether you renew your subcription or not (just don't expect support or updates any more if you don't pay). Microsoft sell a license to use a single major version, but expect you to pay again when a new version comes out, or to subscribe to Software Assurance to allow you to use new versions as they emerge. Very few customers tend to buy Software Assurance atm.

    I always wonder why Microsoft don't sell subscriptions in the same way Red Hat do...

    Ian W.

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