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2006 OpenBSD Hackathon Well Underway 71

An anonymous reader writes "KernelTrap is running a two part who's who at the 2006 OpenBSD Hackathon. Starting on the 27th and running for a full week, developers get together and concentrate on communication rather than just development. Project leader Theo de Raadt was quoted as saying 'I don't think anybody else does this, developers suspend their lives for a week to focus entirely on just development.'"
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2006 OpenBSD Hackathon Well Underway

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  • by ArbitraryConstant ( 763964 ) on Wednesday May 31, 2006 @02:12AM (#15433405) Homepage
    I was going to post something here, but it seems half the board has already beaten me to it...

    I'm looking forward to it, they had some pretty sweet demos last time. For example, to demonstrate the firewall failover capabilities, they played music on a network mount that was behind a firewall. When they shut down the primary firewall node, the music didn't even skip as the backup took over.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 01, 2006 @07:31AM (#15443393)
    Parent is insightful? Do you have some evidence for that statement, oh Mr Coward?

    Yes he is insightful. You can download the evidence. Download almost any OSS software, be it application or OS in the form of the Linux kernel or Linux distribution. Use them, read the man pages and other documentation, etc. Download the source and read some of it.

    Now download OpenBSD, use it, read the documentation, read some of the source.

    OpenBSD and related project source is clean and professional and the resulting binaries and overall system is very nice indeed. Linux and lots of other OSS software on the other hand can be an absolute dogs breakfast and few if any match or exceed OpenBSD for quality.

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