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CliffyB Talks Gears, Nintendo, Sony 25

Joystiq sat down with Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski and talked about the much anticipated Gears of War, the news that Epic is in talks with Nintendo to do games for their new console, and his impressions of Sony's showing at E3. From the article: "We're currently talking with Nintendo. It's not really my department to pontificate on other people's system and comments that the wonderful Mark Rein will make occasionally to upset the fans. Again, I reserve judgment of the Wii until I get hands on with it. I was very judgmental about the DS until I actually got to play hands-on with it and I love Trauma Center and stuff like that. You know what, Nintendo is zigging while everyone else is zagging and they'll be just for it. I give them props for doing something different." For more on Gears, MTV Overdrive has the 'Road to E3' special they aired on MTV2 last week available for viewing. IE is the preferred viewer, of course.
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CliffyB Talks Gears, Nintendo, Sony

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  • Amazing... Everything I wanted to know about the article is in the /. summary even though I kept thinking the article must be meatier. The only redeeming quote from this article is about E3: "It is an absolute trainwreck of noise, and boobs, and sweat, and swag, and there is no worse venue to pick up a game and start to play than the show floor of E3."
  • by Rob T Firefly ( 844560 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @04:16PM (#15383318) Homepage Journal
    Although I'm not a girl, reader comment #7 by "girl gamer" elle pretty much summarizes my feelings on TFA, so like a good little blogger I'll use a really short excerpt:

    "This guy is pretty representative of everything I don't like about video games and gamers."

    and direct you to the source [] (scroll down to comment #7.)

    • I'd mod it down. She rants that Epic wanted control of how the game was displayed. Its a trade show. They can display it how they want, to who they want. Gamers can have a look at it when they buy/steal it.
    • by spezz ( 150943 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @04:58PM (#15383598)
      "This guy is pretty representative of everything I don't like about video games and gamers."

      Really? I think Sony's "the next generation starts when we say it does" attitude and EA's "if it's the only NFL game, they'll have to buy it" business practices are pretty representative of what I don't like about video games.

      CliffyB's devotion to his work and willingness to stand on stage by himself play his game in front of a roomful of press and Microsoft bigwigs speaks more to his and Epic's confidence in his work than most presentations at E3.

      The industry could use more people like him. He started making games on his own, rose through through the ranks at Epic, growing up alongside the Unreal francise and now he gets to launch his own franchise because of his talent and hard work. What's wrong with that?

    • Its amazing that anyone would agree with that rambling let alone another girl. Must just be a "a girl posted I must agree with her, stick together!" mindset. There was nothing rational or logical in the "why I dislike Cliffy B" statement.

      Epic has done more for game development and pushing technology than Betheseda *ever* will.
    • Although I'm not the OP, reader comment #11 by bv pretty much summarizes my feelings on comment #7, so like a good little blogger I'll use a really short excerpt: 11. elle- Sounds like: A) You don't like FPS's. B) You are a girl and like video games (this is impossible) C) Gears of War wasn't half assed at E3. Watch some videos of it in action or read the billions of articles where people revered it as the best game at E3. D) You don't like Cliffy B. because he wouldn't go to the prom with you. E) I'm kidd
  • by radish ( 98371 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @05:26PM (#15383785) Homepage
    Did you have a chance to play the Wii while you were at E3?

    I did not and I wanted to. I've been reserving judgment on it completely until I get hands on time with it and I just want to, just control it. My schedule was so jam-packed that there was no way I'd be able to hang out in line like that and I'm not that well connected with Nintendo to be able to skip through the line like Robin Williams is.

    Hell, I was able to skip the 4 hour line into the Nintendo booth and get a guided tour and I'm no-one. I can't imagaine for a second the nice girl at corporate relations wouldn't extend the same courtesy to someone like CliffyB. Not only that, but if you were happy to restrict yourself to just one or two titles at a time, most of the major dev houses had Wii's backstage for private demos of their titles. I had a nice uninterrupted 20 minutes with the upcoming Sega games - and again, I'm nothing in this business so if I can get in there anyone can.
  • Atleast he has some class, and brains, unlike dumbass Mark Rein.

    I'll wait to use it before passing judgement - gasp! What a concept!
  • " Based on what you know, and what Epic knows as a middleware developer, can you think of anything in particular, specifically, that you would do differently if you were making Gears of War on the PlayStation 3?

    I like the whole tilt controller. I think we could do some cool stuff there. Possibly do some integration with the PSP. And, to be honest, that's all I can think of right now. I haven't put a lot of thought into it. I've been so nose-deep in Gears on the 360. "

    Nintendo had integration of the Ga

    • Nintendo had integration of the Gameboy Advance and the DS on the Gamecube. Yet another Nintendo idea branded gimmicky by developers until a more promiment company offers an implementaion of it.

      Did CliffyB himself say it was gimmicky?

      If he did say it, is he allowed to change his mind?
    • Nintendo had integration of the Gameboy Advance and the DS on the Gamecube.

      The reporter asked specifically about the PS3 ... and Cliff pretty clearly had not thought about it before that point. So he pulled some of Sony's press conference out of the recess of his memory.

      I'm sure if he were asked the same question but with the Wii instead of PS3, he'd talk about using the controller, but who knows at this point if the finalized graphics chip will be up to the task?

    • Even Nintendo themself don't seem to consider that connection feature important at all, else they might have taken the time to add a link port to the NintendoDS, which they didn't, so no NDSGCN link.

      The only game where that linking was used in a good way was Zelda Four Swords, but even that game would have been possible without it if they simply added some splitscreen. Beside from that I have yet to see a game where the linking was used for more then locking up some features of the game to force users to ge
    • my name is big-time sony exec. i think that nintendo's idea is stupid and gimmicky.

      huh? what's that? the 100 million users that i have to answer to want that functionality?

      okay, okay... stick it in. if our consumers want a nintendo, why dont they just buy one? *grumble

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