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CliffyB Talks Gears, Nintendo, Sony 25

Joystiq sat down with Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski and talked about the much anticipated Gears of War, the news that Epic is in talks with Nintendo to do games for their new console, and his impressions of Sony's showing at E3. From the article: "We're currently talking with Nintendo. It's not really my department to pontificate on other people's system and comments that the wonderful Mark Rein will make occasionally to upset the fans. Again, I reserve judgment of the Wii until I get hands on with it. I was very judgmental about the DS until I actually got to play hands-on with it and I love Trauma Center and stuff like that. You know what, Nintendo is zigging while everyone else is zagging and they'll be just for it. I give them props for doing something different." For more on Gears, MTV Overdrive has the 'Road to E3' special they aired on MTV2 last week available for viewing. IE is the preferred viewer, of course.
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CliffyB Talks Gears, Nintendo, Sony

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  • by radish ( 98371 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @05:26PM (#15383785) Homepage
    Did you have a chance to play the Wii while you were at E3?

    I did not and I wanted to. I've been reserving judgment on it completely until I get hands on time with it and I just want to, just control it. My schedule was so jam-packed that there was no way I'd be able to hang out in line like that and I'm not that well connected with Nintendo to be able to skip through the line like Robin Williams is.

    Hell, I was able to skip the 4 hour line into the Nintendo booth and get a guided tour and I'm no-one. I can't imagaine for a second the nice girl at corporate relations wouldn't extend the same courtesy to someone like CliffyB. Not only that, but if you were happy to restrict yourself to just one or two titles at a time, most of the major dev houses had Wii's backstage for private demos of their titles. I had a nice uninterrupted 20 minutes with the upcoming Sega games - and again, I'm nothing in this business so if I can get in there anyone can.

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