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The Media's Best of Show for E3 2006 40

A lot of the big sites have given out their awards for various 'best in show' categories. Bioshock got the nod for 'Game of the Show' from Gamespot, Gamespy, and IGN. From Gamespy's coverage: "I was completely captivated with BioShock like no other game at E3 2006. Is it an RPG? Is it an action game? Is it an adventure? BioShock looks like it has a little of everything: a captivating story, beautiful environments to explore, gorgeous graphics, gameplay that crosses multiple genres... it's hard for me to imagine anyone not seeing the haunting images of a protector escorting that little girl through the unique underwater setting of Rapture and not being immediately hooked. Considering Irrational's history with Looking Glass and the System Shock titles, what I saw of the game at E3 this year vaulted it to the top of my wish list. " 1up gave the nod to Spore.
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The Media's Best of Show for E3 2006

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  • I have to say... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by SirBruce ( 679714 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @02:27PM (#15382443) Homepage
    Spore > ALL

    However, in the MMO space, I gave the nod on my website to Tabula Rasa. There are a LOT of good MMO games in the pipeline, though, so the next few years should be very interesting.

  • My Personal Winners (Score:5, Interesting)

    by wickedj ( 652189 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @02:53PM (#15382663) Homepage
    Here are some of my personal winners (not that any one really cares): Best Game: 2K Games Bioshock (what's not to love?) Best Console: Nintendo Wii (affordable and entertaining!) Best Presentation: Nintendo Wii (actually having fun during the presentation!) Best Shot in the Foot: Sony PS3 (I'm sorry, I have to say those prices are ridiculous!)
  • by kyle (in stereo) ( 949060 ) on Monday May 22, 2006 @03:13PM (#15382836) Homepage Journal
    Ive never played a single System Shock game. Isnt the same studio behind those behind the Thief series as well? I didnt care for Thief either.

    Thing is, also being a huge Nintendo fanboy, Im somewhat biased against other consoles by nature. While I do plan on getting a 360 for Oblivion, until I saw Bioshock, Oblivion was the only game that I simply had to play for the system.

    Bioshock just looks ravishing and deep, and a hugely fresh and original take on a genre that, for better or worse, started to take the familiar path down the road.
    • I'll be honest, I missed the first game. I only played like 2 minutes of it on my friend's PC.

      The second one was pretty good though. Very creepy. Playing it at night scared the living hell out of me at times. Sure, now it's pretty weak but back then it was a good a creepy game.

      I found SS2 to be less "boring" than the Thief games. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Thief games but some parts were a little too "slow" for some gamers. I loved sneaking around, but many of my friends didn't.

      I'm waiting for Bi
      • Thief itself isnt a bad game, but the way my friends hyped it really ruined it for me when I actually got a copy.

        I was pretty much told that the game took a back seat to typical FPS gameplay, and that I had to kill in stealth and hide in the shadows. Totally killer, and whatever game inthe series that I played... the first level was IT. Killed guards, hid the bodies, and delved deeper into the castle.

        Then I jumped in a sewer and started taking out zombies.

        Wonk wonk woooooonk.
        • Thief 2: The Metal Age, my favourite of the series, contains far fewer zombies and other undead characters. Less of the crypts and more of the urban settings - mansions, banks, shipping warehouses, city streets etc. - make it, for me, a better title than the first in the series, although the general consensus is the opposite. I played T2 first, FWIW.
        • Personally what I love about Thief is that you can play it however you like. Its similar to Dues Ex or System Shock in that respect, only it doesn't rely on any real RPG elements to achieve it. You're just presented with a problem and its up to you to figure things out. This can result in a HUGE variety of playstyles... everything from the sexiness of a perfect "Lytha style" or "Ghost style" run where you don't touch any guards, make any noises, or leave any evidence of you ever being there (besides the fac
      • Eh, I'd still say System Shock 2 is very good. While the graphics are outdated and low on polygons, the sound effects and atmosphere are top notch. It also plays very well on modern PCs (you don't need the latest graphic card, heh), so I'd highly recommend giving it a try. SS2 is the only game that has made me shoot randomly out of sheer terror.
        • SS2 is the only game that has made me shoot randomly out of sheer terror.

          The worst thing is that you really, really don't want to do that. Shooting randomly means you run out of ammo and your gun breaks down. There never was quite enough ammo in SS2 - how sadly different to the good old days on Citadel Station...

          But yeah, I still do that. Stalking about the place, trying to conserve ammo as best I can... FUCK FUCK FUCK! PSI MONKEY! * blam blam blam blam blam blam blam KLIK *

    • Do yourself a favor and try either System Shock. The original has some wonky ass interface (that'd be PERFECT for the DS but alas) and that can be diffcult to get use to but the game is like no other. It was amazing in it's time (that prole-feed DOOM over shadowed it for some dumb ass reason) and is still amazing. Fuck uber-res/polycounts/texture sizes. They don't matter.
    • I've played both System Shocks, so this should be good.

      However, I'm a little concerned about the Creepy Little Girl in the game. It's been done to death for years now. It's completely uninspired and unoriginal.
  • Is it an RPG? Is it an action game? Is it an adventure? BioShock looks like it has a little of everything:

    I actually thought the game looked compelling, but now that I've read that... Sounds like a little something to annoy everybody. Is there a genre you can't stand? Well, perhaps they packed it in there.
  • There are quite a few that I could name off for 'best of show', but the one that I found most disappointing was Fallout 3. I find it rediculous that they've had the license for more than a year and they had NOTHING to show for it.
    • Considering this same team took 3 years to do Oblivion and didnt really show much until the last year of development, it really shouldn't be all that surprising. Don't expect to see much until next E3 at the earliest.
  • I ignored the 360 at launch because it just wasn't what I wanted out of a generation jump: prettier graphics, more online features, and not much else. But I guess if a system sticks around long enough, it can't help but get some awesome games. Lagging a year behind and packing very little to differentiate itself, how does Sony expect to catch up with the 360's libarary? The Wii is still my must-play system for 2006, but if this keeps up, there may be a 360 in my future.
  • How can a game that isn't finished, released or for sale win a best game of show award? I love the hype machine as much as anyone, but aren't things getting out of hand? Can you imagine an Academy Award going to a movie that's only being filmed or edited?

    I can see it now... "We loved the rushes we saw for Waterworld. It's definitely going to be the best film of the year. Or of any time!"

    Here's a novel thought: let's award game prizes to actual games.

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