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Guitar Hero 2 Impressions Roundup 52

The folks at Red Octane (now owned by Activision), are in the process of making a sequel to the hit PS2 title Guitar Hero. From the IGN hands-on: "Today we checked out 'John the Fisherman' on bass and 'War Pigs' on guitar. Being that you have Les Claypool on bass for 'John the Fisherman', it's not going to be the easiest bass line in the game by a long shot. But on the other hand, there isn't any sort of bass solo in the song so once you get down the main two or three licks, then you've got the song nailed. But it's seriously awesome - Claypool's playing in that song is heavy and pounding so playing his part is rad."
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Guitar Hero 2 Impressions Roundup

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  • by AdamTrace ( 255409 ) on Friday May 12, 2006 @11:59AM (#15318284)
    You get a plastic guitar controller thing with buttons on it.

    5 buttons up on the neck of the guitar, and a little flipper switch down where you strum.

    On screen, in very DDR like fashion, when the right colored dot hits the line, you push down the appropriate fret button, and hit the strummer.

    You're not actually playing the guitar. Playing GH won't teach you how to play the guitar (though I believe that it would give you a leg up on someone who'd never played). One of the great things about the game is that it's immediately accesible to gamers and non-gamers alike... After playing a song or two, everyone just seems to "get it".

    Hope that helps.

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