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One Year Of Carnival of Gamers 14

The Carnival of Gamers is celebrating its one-year anniversary over at Go check it out to take the blogosphere's pulse on the Wii, Casual Gaming, the politics of Gaming, and MMOGs.
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One Year Of Carnival of Gamers

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  • News? No. Stuff that COULD matter? No. So why did this make the cut?
  • by NBarnes ( 586109 ) on Sunday May 07, 2006 @09:52PM (#15283220)
    Tracking these things around is a pain in the ass, but I like to see them when they pop up. Thanks for a news post that I found Useful and Informative.

    Which is true, even if I mostly posted just to spite the other twits in this comment stream.
  • How tech-related is this? Do we gain any insight on news, or do we just get something we ALWAYS get in EVERY NEWSPIECE?
    That is, some dude's comment on already old news. That's what a majority of blogs are, and that's why I browse /. instead of the "blogosphere" to get news. As a slashdot visitor, I don't feel like the kind that cares about blogs.

    Please do not do this again.

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