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Partial Guitar Hero II Setlist 40

Eurogamer reports on the release of a partial setlist for the Guitar Hero sequel. From the article: "Ostensibly to trail its E3 showing next week, RedOctane's said we can expect Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs', Butthole Surfers' 'Who Was in My Room Last Night?', KISS' 'Strutter', Rush's 'YYZ', Reverend Horton Heat's 'Psychobilly Freakout' and Van Halen's 'You Really Got Me' in GH2. There'll also be an original recording by Drist called Arterial Black - and Drist, whose Marcus Henderson was the original Guitar Hero guitarist - will be performing in one of a few mini-concerts planned for GH2's showing in E3's Kentia Hall."
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Partial Guitar Hero II Setlist

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  • sabotage (Score:3, Informative)

    by gEvil (beta) ( 945888 ) on Friday May 05, 2006 @10:17AM (#15269829)
    I really think they should have Sabotage by the Beastie Boys on that list. The guitar part to that is a tough one (nonstop muted string eighth notes)...
  • Re:Covers? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Pootenheimer ( 537919 ) on Friday May 05, 2006 @12:50PM (#15271068)
    Even though what you're saying may be true, by "the way they made the game" I think he meant single recordings can't be used since the game has a separated guitar track (or two) that is interactive with the player. Splicing the guitar track from the original recording would be too difficult/expensive to do, so making a new recording with a separate, distinct guitar track is necessary for it to work in the game. Using the original recordings would be theoretically easier (if it were possible), but since there needs to be an additional guitar track for the player to play along with, it's impossible with a single-track recording.
  • Kinks (Score:3, Informative)

    by Castar ( 67188 ) on Friday May 05, 2006 @02:32PM (#15271999)
    "You Really Got Me" was covered by Van Halen, but written by Ray Davies of the Kinks. Credit where credit is due!

    Of course, the song may be based on the Van Halen version, but since it's going to be performed by a cover band anyway, they should at least credit the songwriter. (Not that "You Really Got Me" is anywhere near the best of the Kinks' work, but they get little enough credit as it is).

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