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The Lost Gizmondo Halo Title 26

GameSetWatch has a piece up reporting on a lost title in the Halo universe. The game, slated for the Gizmondo portable device, utilized a unique control scheme. From the article: "... the game, had it gone into production, would have used the Gizmondo's back-mounted camera to detect motion and provide a 'mouselook'-like effect as you swiveled the handheld around, enabling the player to change the camera view just by physically rotating the machine. Whoa." This game has been rumoured in the past, but this time around GSW has the facts to back things up.
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The Lost Gizmondo Halo Title

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  • by SpeedyGonz ( 771424 ) on Thursday May 04, 2006 @08:38PM (#15267282)
    I take You don't know what an accelerometer is . . .

    It's a device (like the Analog Devices ADXL202E chip, to use an example) that measures acceleration, hence the name.

    It could be used to measure displacement, like when you move your hand with the device, that's why i said it could be used instead of a camera. And it would take A LOT less processor time than to analyze a video frame, cause the chip already gives a serial readout with the changes in acceleration.

    Probably they used this method in the gizmondo because the camera was already there.

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