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The Secret Lives In Animal Crossing 18

1up has an entertaining article visiting some Animal Crossing player towns, and commenting on what life is like in some far away places and personalities. From the article: "Friend No. 3 is a writer, which means that her normal brain functions bombed a long time ago. Regardless, I visited her town to observe what Animal Crossing brings to her surface. Things were off to a great start when No. 3 met me at the town gate and began watering me. Apparently, I 'needed nutrients.' She then bestowed an owl clock on me, though whether through generosity or as a part of my newly prescribed diet, I'm still not sure. The town was clean and well maintained. The glittering constellation of Runner 2046 AD was particularly awesome, but entering No. 3's mansion was like falling into an ocean of junk. " Jeremy Parish comments in his blog about why he enjoys seeing the article on the site.
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The Secret Lives In Animal Crossing

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  • by Ford Prefect ( 8777 ) on Thursday April 20, 2006 @04:57PM (#15168365) Homepage
    Yes. There are some truly strange and distasteful things [] waiting to be found in this game...
    • That is the funniest website I've seen today, not counting the whole Windows Vista sucks bit. I'm going to post a note about sacrificing the cow in my younger brother's neighborhood and report the results...
    • Oh my God. It has to be a joke, right? If not... Oh my God, that poor, poor girl.

      I love the part about her "28 year old friend" who picks her up after school so they can play Animal Crossing, but then he admits he doesn't even own it and then "started talking about things to do with the human body that I didn't really understand."

      Or the picture he sent her from his mobile phone that she can't tell what it is. (it's a testicle)

      Does Animal Crossing really contain late night porn and heroin dealers?
  • When I play (Score:2, Funny)

    by idonthack ( 883680 )
    When I play Animal Crossing, all I do is hit the animals with my ax.
  • by aapold ( 753705 ) * on Thursday April 20, 2006 @06:30PM (#15169080) Homepage Journal
    I'm a poor player

    I strut and fret my hours within the world
    And then am heard no more: it is a game
    designed by an idiot, full of towns and furries,
    Signifying nothing.
  • Awww (Score:2, Funny)

    by Strell ( 877448 )
    That picture for No. 3 is too goddamn cute. Mostly because that is precisely what my gf does when I go to her town.

    She gets whacked with the bug net for such things.

    This usually leads to other, more sensual things. Like bug catching. With sexy results.
  • I got the original Animal Crossing for the Cube back when it was first released... I was in college, going to class and all that, and I really didn't have time to play it. When I graduated I gave this to my mom to play on her Gamecube because I figured she'd like it. Geez, she got freakin addicted to it.

    Before I knew it, she was barely getting to work on time, staying up late... all to play Animal Crossing. She wouldn't change the clock settings, instead molding her life around the game. This led to m

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