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Unisys Smoking Hot Demo at Linux World Boston 178

This year's LinuxWorld Boston started off with a bang...and a fair amount of smoke. Unisys apparently had a few problems launching their first demo, as our own Robin "Roblimo" Miller reports over at Newsforge (also owned by VA Software). From the article: "Less than an hour after the show floor opened at the 2006 edition of the Boston LinuxWorld Expo today, fire alarms went off and a plume of smoke arose from the server cabinet in the Unisys display. "I knew we had a magician scheduled," said one rattled Unisys employee,"but this isn't what I expected." Indeed, this was an unexpected event. It was a real fire -- or at least a considerable smolder, complete with firemen, evacuation orders (soon rescinded), and other hoopla. Photos and a video clip included."
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Unisys Smoking Hot Demo at Linux World Boston

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  • by gentimjs ( 930934 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @01:39PM (#15059696) Journal
    The way out of the building that is ... Seriously, am I the only one who finds it ironic that the company that geared up with microsoft to dethrone unix/linux from the server centers now has one of the largest booths at linuxworld and is trumpeting the superiority of open source? Bah!
  • by ( 199423 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @01:42PM (#15059741) Homepage Journal
    That was a cabinet holding, what look to this ex-stagehand, like a rack of dimmers, not servers. My guess is one channel of dimming or perhaps audio (though no one uses socopex for audio do they?) went up in smoke. It happens sometimes. Ask about the waterfall over the Christie Digital booth at NSCA 2005...

  • the hindenburg (Score:5, Insightful)

    by dirtyhippie ( 259852 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @01:48PM (#15059813) Homepage
    George N. Capalbo, VP of backbone networks corp., happened to be nearby with his Leica still camera. which also takes short videos. He hit the "video" button by accident, and got this clip of the rousing billow of grey smoke. "Now I know what that guy felt like at the burning of the Hindenberg back in the 30s," George said.

    Yes. Just like the guy who filmed the Hinderberg. 70 years from now, this crappy video of smoke coming out of a little white tower will be as etched on the human consciousness as the Hindenberg tragedy is now. Give me a break.

  • Re:the hindenburg (Score:1, Insightful)

    by SoLoatWork ( 187259 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @02:06PM (#15059972)
    Dude, I think he was kidding. Lighten up!
  • by Snap E Tom ( 128447 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @02:32PM (#15060231)
    I hope they're embarrassed. I hope they look bad. I hope they lose business. We still remember the shit you pulled with the GIF patent, Unisys.
  • by ( 199423 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @02:37PM (#15060280) Homepage Journal
    Indeed. Specifically, I see a video switcher (all those BNCs you see are fo rvideo I believe), and what looks like the back of some control equipment from a company I can't remember the name of.

    The rack appears to be holding a standard compliment of either 64 or 128 channels of dimming, and also seems to be used as a stand. The soco connectors are all naked, the twist locks are L21-20s or L21-30s (120/208 3 phase 4 pole 5 wire connectors, 20 or 30 amps per phase) and are receptacles, indicating that maybe the distro in the box is being used to provide normal 120V power from a 3 phase patch point, and there just happened to be some dimming in the rack along with it. Not terribly uncommon at large conventions.

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