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U.S. Cast on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 92

Siliconera writes "Last night in Hollywood Square-Enix and Sony showed the English version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on the big screen. Fans lined up overnight to snag tickets to the premiere event where many of the voice actors/actresses and director Tetsuya Nomura showed up. After seeing the film Rachel Leigh Cook said the movie was "stunning" and she's a 'fan (of Final Fantasy) as of today.' Mena Suvari (Aerith) said 'it was a great experience to be part of something with such a following.' About the movie, director and character creator Tetsuya Nomura said, 'This is a special piece for us and I hope it is for you.'"
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U.S. Cast on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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  • by itistoday ( 602304 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @10:54AM (#15057965) Homepage
    In terms of visual effects and animation, sure I can agree to the "stunning" remark, but when it came to the plot, Advent Children fell more along the lines of mind "numbing".
    • Did you ever play Final Fantasy games? I personally love them, but also recognize that the plots have more holes than swiss cheese, and make about as much sense as a drunk stutterer. Seriously, this film is about a plot similar to FF7 and stunning visuals. I'm still excited about the film, as this is kind of what I expected. :)
      • The film was a nostalgia fest. I enjoyed it. :) My favorite part was the scene..

        *** Spoiler Alert ***

        in which Tifa is fighting one of the silver haired men, I forget which, in a protracted, tough battle. It looks like she has him down for the count. All around the church, you hear the standard victory music, "Da da da da, da, da, da! da-da!" Very out of place, very amusing. Tifa catches her breath. Then you hear the victory music again - "Da da da da, da, da, da! da-da!" Tifa looks around, and the ch
      • Yeah, FF7 is my favorite RPG, that's one of the reasons why I didn't like Advent Children: its plot paled in comparison to FF7's plot. They should just turn FF7 into a movie.
    • While I don't care about being too realistic but randomly flying without any visible force or chi (as used in animes) was annoying. The action seemed too fake.
  • She's horrendous in Kingdom Hearts II. I can only hope that she shows a inkling of emotion in AC because if its just as bad as KHII she's going to ruin the whole movie.
    • by The-Bus ( 138060 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @11:16AM (#15058193)
      The problem is not Mena Suvari, it's movie studios and game producers relying on "famous voices" as opposed to "voice actors" when they create new works. While a lot of famous voices make pretty good voice actors (see: SSX Tricky, the GTA series), I think you'd see a bigger payoff in using real voice actors than just someone famous. Look at Futurama for example: with the exception of Katey Sagal, the entire cast is made up of voice actors who do (did?) a fantastic job. But everytime I see a Hollywood starlet used as voice "talent" in an animated show or game, I cringe. Half of the time, these women are used because they're attractive and their acting qualities come in second, third, or N/A. What would make anyone think you'd want to hear their voices?
      • Ding, ding, ding, give this man a prize. You've definetly hit the nail on the head here. It's all about marketing and money. Now granted, there are a lot of screen actors that do a good deal of voice acting and do it well. Usually, these are the people with distinct voices like Christopher Lee and the like. Then, there's the career voice actors who have basically helped out on every cartoon under the sun. They usually have diversity in spades and the average viewer would be hard pressed to hear the di
        • In all fairness I have to admit that pretty much everyone I know keeps saying 'Is this George Clooney?' when that Budweiser spot comes on. And the general consensus always was that it had to be him. Nobody necessarily thought it was 'cool' as the article you linked to suggests, but it was noted and it does make the spot stand out.
      • As with every aspect of life daily, Futurama is applicable.

        Wizard of Oz Farnsworth: "And you, lad, all you need is a brain."

        Scarecrow Fry: "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
    • I don't think it would be too much of a spoiler to say that she doesn't get too much of a chance to be good or bad. Yes, she's a significant character in a way, but that doesn't mean she has a lot of lines. Come to think of it, there are very few characters in the movie that have more than two or three lines; that's just the way the thing was written.
    • Ruin the whole movie? puh-leaze. Aerith is such a minor role as to be insignificant. Her lines could be entirely cut and no one would notice.
  • I saw this in Japanese and was just blown away by it. I never played FFVII so was a little lost in the story but the visuals of the movie more than made up for it. It was just so... amazing. I can't wait to be able to see this on the big screen.
    • Unfortunately you've missed your chance for the big screen likely. The film was slated for one day in a theatre and then DVD on april I think 25th (or thereabouts). Unless of course you're fortunate enough to live near cinema that will play it anyway, even with the DVD out, but I don't live in a big enough city for that sort of thing.

      I really would like to see it in theatres though, I saw the japanese as part of our schools anime club, and it really does deserve the big screen (and proper audio).

      Oddly eno
    • You are the reason we get endless movies of overloaded eye candy and absolutely no plot.
  • I was able to see this movie last year with fan-made subtitles, and while the movie itself was pretty damn good visually, story-wise, the dialogue left quite a bit to be desired. So I am curious as to how the official translation will compare to the fan made one. Anyone lucky enough to have seen the english version yet and compare? Or perhaps, understood the Japanese version and can comment on the english fan subs.
    • I was able to see this movie last year with fan-made subtitles, and while the movie itself was pretty damn good visually, story-wise, the dialogue left quite a bit to be desired. So I am curious as to how the official translation will compare to the fan made one.

      More than likely, very poorly.

      Than Fansub was unparalleled. I've rarely seen something translated so well in such a short space of time. No engrish, no errors, just the love of FFVII freaks giving their gift to all of FFVII Fandom.

      The "offical" tran
  • IMDB (Score:3, Informative)

    by steveo777 ( 183629 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @11:00AM (#15058045) Homepage Journal
    IMDB has the list [] up as well. For those of us at work who can't read about video games (grumbles for a while and goes back to work).

    By the way, saw the movie in Japanese a while ago. It's amazing eye candy. Loved it.

    • There's something seriously wrong with the way this movie is listed in IMDB. All the English voices are just appended to the original listing, which makes it look like all these voice actors were in the movie two years ago.
  • Couldn't we all just agree that her name is Aeris and pretend that we never saw any other spelling?
    • Oh, but then the obsessive know-it-all fanboys wouldn't be able to go off about how the spelling on Japan-only toys and other other merchandise is somehow more canonical than the Square-supervised English localization of the game itself.


    • Re:Aer-who? (Score:2, Informative)

      by genx88 ( 928536 )
      Pfft, forget the "s" and "th" debate and just stick with the katakana.

      Now, it'll be interesting to see what Square does with the Tseng/Zeng thing-- oh wait, the U.S. isn't getting "Last Order" released so it's a non issue.

      Although, the name swapping for "Shera" and "Sierra" will be interesting. Since Cid's assistant was "Shera" in the localization and "Sierra" in the Japanese version in and the Advent Children action figures have the new airship labeled as "Sierra". If Squeenix can't make up their min

      • I tried to post the katakana, but /. won't take it. Escaped, it's


        One thing that's so funny about the "Aerith" crowd is that even if "th" were a better transliteration of "su" than "s" (even though it's commonly used as both, as in "Sumisu" for "Smith" and "Kurisu" for "Chris"), they don't account for why the "E" and "A" have been exchanged from "Earisu". Maybe because then, along with the "th", it too obviously ends up as "Earth", which supposedly was the

        • Oooh, nice. The only thing I could ever figure was that "aeris" means "of/to the wind" in Latin; which kind of makes sense in an abstract, zen sort of way. Maybe.

          In any case, I find the slutty cheerleader from American Beauty playing JRPG Jesus both deeply disturbing, and somehow appropriate.
          • I dunno, her voice was so flat in Kingdom Hearts II (yeah, I'm playing it - so sue me). At least the girl they had voicing Aerith in the original one had a little more substance to her voice - Mena Suvari should *not* do voice acting, based on what I've heard so far in this game.
            • Unless I was on drugs and remembering differently, Mena Suvari was Aerith in the first Kingdom Hearts, as well....

              I guess I am on drugs. It was Mandy Moore in the first one [].

              • Yeah, but it's not like drugs and Kingdom Hearts are a bad combination.

                II is at the top of my queue on Gamefly. And yes, I did just miss getting it for the weekend. Damnit. Maybe drugs and Kingdom Hearts are a bad combination.
    • I don't know if this is anything new, but I have an American version of the game where her default name is Aeris.
  • Advent Children listing [] for those who want to click around and find out who these people are. Personally, I think it looks like a more or less good cast, and have high hoppes. Despite what the MPAA usually has to say about such things, I'll definitely be picking up this DVD to replace my download.
  • wonder if they'll ever show this in the cinemas in sweden, probably not I saw the original version, stunning, croudo really likes to show off
    • the only place where it hits the big sceen is in Japan... other than the cinema festival that there was in Montreal where they showed a subbed version a while ago and the showing they did not long ago, there is nowhere else in North America where it's gonna be showed.... with that said, i doubt that they will put it on the big screen for another country.... to them Japan is big... we're only the small losers....
  • Voice actors (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Dachannien ( 617929 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2006 @11:07AM (#15058112)
    It's good to see the professional voice-actors getting some props alongside the stars in this article (though admittedly this is a gaming blog, not Variety).

    As Billy West [] has noted in the past, when animation goes Hollywood, the professional voice actors who draw a normal-sized paycheck get pushed out in favor of big-name movie stars. But the big names don't do much more than just stand there and read their lines, because they don't know the first thing about breathing life into a character or making the character memorable.

  • Is anyone else just happy that Lance Bass isn't voicing Sephiroth?
  • RLC is a highly underrated actress in my opinion. I love her stuff and thinks she should get more credit.

    I even liked Josie with its heavy heavy product placement, even though it was part of the "plot"
  • I made a bet with my friends that the voice actor of Spike - Steven Blum - was going to be in this one. Yaknow, since he's already in fucking everything. (I about shit my pants when I heard him in Call of Duty's expansion as the voice of Captain Foley.) The stakes were even higher over the probability that the voice of Inuyasha would be incorporated into the movie at least once, but we finally called that one off after we concluded that if that same voice actor were heard anywhere in the entire movie, we wo

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