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Apple's Fruitful Future 204

Apple's 30th Anniversary is prompting retrospective looks at the company's last three decades. C|Net grounds their look back in the here and now, commenting on lawsuits and competition. ZDNet complains that Apple still isn't in the workplace. The BBC looks at the company's world-changing aspects in a more upbeat story. Nick Irelan wrote in to mention a Forbes piece entitled Apple's Biggest Duds, so you can image what what side that article comes down on. CNN puts the whole thing in perspective, with a balanced look at the company's good and bad points. Finally, if you want some rumourmongering, 192939495969798999 writes "Industry sources have leaked that tomorrow, on the 30th Anniversary of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs will announce that the new intel-based Mac laptops will support dual-booting Windows XP and OS X 10.4."
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Apple's Fruitful Future

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  • by HTTP Error 403 403.9 ( 628865 ) on Friday March 31, 2006 @05:31PM (#15037303) points out that it's a mixed picture for Apple under Jobs ... [] iness/columnists/mike_langberg/14191452.htm?source =rss&channel=siliconvalley_mike_langberg Building a pricier windows box may not be the answer.
    July 1st, 1997:
    Apple's adjusted share price was $3.30
    Microsoft: $13.64

    March 30th, 2006:
    Apple's adjusted share price is $62.75
    Microsoft's is $27.23

    Apple's share price has increased 1,801.5%,
    Microsoft's increased 99.6%

  • Re:The first Dud (Score:4, Informative)

    by cmowire ( 254489 ) on Friday March 31, 2006 @05:38PM (#15037370) Homepage
    Yeah, they completely forgot about the Apple ///, which was the first true failure.

    At least the Lisa stuff got reused as bits of the Mac. :)
  • by wysiwia ( 932559 ) on Friday March 31, 2006 @05:41PM (#15037396) Homepage
    is yet just another cross-platform solutions ;-)

    O. Wyss
  • Uh, what? (Score:2, Informative)

    by porcupine8 ( 816071 ) on Friday March 31, 2006 @05:43PM (#15037421) Journal
    That article linked to with the supposed XP rumor says nothing at all about dual-booting or Windows on Macs. Just Intel iBooks and video iPods. And it's from the beginning of February.
  • by gozar ( 39392 ) on Friday March 31, 2006 @08:08PM (#15038448) Homepage
    That experience doesn't exist (to the best of my knowledge) with the MacOSX environment. Drives can be mounted at power up but I don't see the same experience that people are accustomed to in Windows.

    I have an integrated environment where there is Mac and Windows on the same network sharing access to files. They both access the Novell and Linux server files. Windows does it better. Mac will lose its network mountings without cause that is obvious to the user and without a mounting script, the user would generally need to restart the computer (and the apps) to resume normal work. In windows, if users are dicconected from a server, the user is notified.

    If you put the shared drives into the Login Items for the user, they'll automatically mount when the user logs in. On my network I've never had OS X just lose connections for no apparent reason. If I'm on a laptop and put it to sleep, I'm notified when I open it back up if it can't reconnect to any servers.

    For a managed environment, you'd want to put in an OS X server. The OS X server can bind to Active Directory (and I'm assuming eDirectory) so your OS X clients will mount the users Home Directory automatically. You also get all the managing capabilities for your OS X clients. Networked home directories are really nice, and if you set it up right, you can have your users log into a Windows client, Linux client, or OS X client and have the same Desktop and Documents folder automatically.

    OS X also doesn't have problems that you see with Windows and its roaming profiles.

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