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Fedora Core 5 Review 40

Mark writes "A full review of the latest Fedora Core release, code named "Bordeaux", the Fedora Core 5, which has proven itself to be one of the best Linux Distributions out there. "
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Fedora Core 5 Review

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  • by Shawn is an Asshole ( 845769 ) on Monday March 27, 2006 @10:05AM (#15002320)
    Does anybody actually have anything interesting to say about Fedora Core 5? Is Gnome better in this version? Is it functionally better in any way?

    I've been using it for about two weeks and I think it's a good improvement over FC4. Everything just seems to work better, though KDE is still seems broken (looking forward for kde-redhat to support FC5...). The new version of Gnome actually feels usable. Older versions to me (Athlon 64 3200+, 2 GB RAM) always felt very sluggish but 2.14 feels much faster. I always try new released of Gnome but end up switching back to KDE after the first week. This is the first release of Gnome I don't feel like switching from. I'm actually liking it.

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