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IGF And GDC Awards Presented 14

Wednesday night at the GDC means awards time, for the Game Developer's Choice Awards. The nominees are chosen by members of the IDGA, and then voted on by every member of the organization. Some very deserving games got the nod last night, and Gamasutra has coverage on the winners. They also have a piece looking at the winners of the Independent Game Festival, a program looking at the best games from outside the normal commercial experience. The winners from that event not only get recognition, but a cash reward to continue their development. From that article: "Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp's stylish Flash game Dad 'N Me won for Best Web Browser Game, and the Audience Award, which was conducted by GameSpot and saw over 2000 votes, was won by French strategy-MMO Dofus. Elsewhere, the $5,000 AdultSwim.com award was given to RabidLab, who developed finalist Dodge That Anvil!."
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IGF And GDC Awards Presented

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    by glenrm ( 640773 ) on Thursday March 23, 2006 @11:55AM (#14980718) Homepage Journal
    From FTA:
    Darwinia, which is now being distributed via Valve's Steam service...
    This is the coolest part of all we are seeing a number of digital marketplaces emerge to support arcade style and independent game development. You have steam, 360 live arcade, MMOs, and more. The $$$ going right from the customer to the developer will produce more and better games for more diverse platforms then ever before...
  • Re:Game of the year? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Friday March 24, 2006 @01:43AM (#14986024) Homepage

    But Shadow of the Colossus was a highly experimental game in a lot of ways. It developed a gameplay style that was highly original. Artistically and aesthetically it is probably the closest we've come to "art" this year. While it failed in some key areas, there aren't any areas where it wasn't at least trying something majorly new. And everything in the game was keyed around aesthetics and kinesthetics that haven't really been explored before. How often have you felt sympathy for the bosses you're fighting? How often have you questioned your own motivations in a game?

    For the voting game developers, originality and pushing the art forward are key, and Shadow lacks in neither area.

    If we had to lose, I'm glad we lost to them. And we did walk home with three freakin' awards, and tons of people were throwing up the horns. That's pretty gratifying right there.

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