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World's Slimmest Phone 62

moto writes "ThinkCE has some news of the world's slimmest phone. From the article: 'Slimmer than a stick insect with the runs, the new world's thinnest phone comes in the shape of the EV-K100 handset, an ultra-thin gizmo made by Korean cell phone makers KTF Technologies. Measuring a wafer-thin 7.9-millimeters, the EV-K100 grabs the "world's slimmest" crown from local rivals VK, whose VK2010 and VK2100 phones measured up at a comparatively lardy, pie-scoffing 8.8mm (with Motorola's RAZR being a positively obese 14.5-mm thick).'"
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World's Slimmest Phone

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  • by Noishe ( 829350 ) on Wednesday March 22, 2006 @02:36PM (#14973701)
    The thickness of the phone is not limited by the inclusion of a camera or mp3 player. A ccd and a lense are tiny compared to what limits the thickness, and that's the size of the antenna according to the article.

    Phones aren't going to get any smaller until they use a different technology to transmit their radio waves, or until someone finds out how to make the antenna smaller. So if they can put in a camera and an mp3 player for a few extra bucks while not increasing the size, then they should go for it.

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