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GDC 06 So Far 26

It's the second day of the Game Developer's Conference 2006, and so far there isn't much to relate. Yesterday saw some interesting talks, with Linden Labs CEO Philip Rosedale offering up a discussion on serious games entitled You Can (Not) Be Serious. There was also some Talk of Mobile gaming with Nokia offering up some views on that part of the industry. Earlier today Jesper Juul gave another view of serious gaming, A New Kind of Game. He discussed how games have evolved, and where they're going now that they've begun to gain broad cultural acceptance.
I got into San Jose earlier today, and so should have a rundown on the press preview event later tonight. Things to look forward to during the rest of the week include the Sony (Wednesday) and Nintendo (Thursday) keynotes, a talk by Battlestar creator Ronald Moore (Wednesday), and Will Wright's talk about the future of Game Design (Thursday).
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GDC 06 So Far

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  • Of course not (Score:3, Interesting)

    by shoptroll ( 544006 ) on Tuesday March 21, 2006 @06:50PM (#14967940)
    Of course there's nothing much to relate... The first two days are the Mobile Conference and Workshop days. At least that's how it was last year.

    I don't expect any real big news to come out of the Keynotes from Sony, Nintendo and Wright. At least nothing that will affect consumers directly. Keep in mind this is the DEVELOPER'S Conference, so any big announcements are gonna be more developer related... like Nintendo's unveiling of the WiFi service at last year's keynote.... Although Spore was kindof the oddity... albeit thought-provoking to developers I think.

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