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Aladdin Takes Authentication To Heart 30

anadgouda writes "Aladdin Technologies is using cardio patterns to confirm identities. This can be eventually used for authentication and they say it offers better performance, cost and reliability. From the article: 'The technology reads intrinsic human electro-biometric dynamic signals acquired by touching a small conductive surface. The signature, called the BioDynamic Signature, is based on electronic signals produced from the human body, including the heart.'"
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Aladdin Takes Authentication To Heart

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  • by joe545 ( 871599 ) on Monday March 06, 2006 @12:50PM (#14858825)
    Like the article says "Great, Now your biometric house of the future can lock you out cause you're scared of the psycho killer chasing you."
  • And you people were scared when you thought the introduction of fingerprint scanners would lead to criminals cutting off fingers...
  • Cardiac arrhythmia? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by metamatic ( 202216 ) on Monday March 06, 2006 @12:57PM (#14858908) Homepage Journal
    I wonder how it deals with cardiac arrhythmia?
  • Not feasible (Score:3, Interesting)

    by webmistressrachel ( 903577 ) on Monday March 06, 2006 @01:08PM (#14859018) Journal
    There are some amusing points above about what happens when these rythms change - and anybody who's played with their hifi wires without following the instructions and switching it all off will know that the tones and volumes we produce change a lot from day to day. How can they seriously say they are DOING this now, when it doesn't seem at all feasible? Bring me proof.
  • Man, that's great. First a heart attack, and now (because of that) I can't login anymore to my computer to finish my project due TODAY at 3:00PM... aagh... it's coming again...
  • I am having a heart attack and can't login to the comput
    • No problem, hold your breath for five minutes, and your password will reset automatically. :)
    • And, thus sayeth Clippy:

      It looks like you're having a heart attack!

      Would you like to:
      1 - Continue the authentication process so that you can send an e-mail to our automated response system for help,
      2 - Visit [] for some quick tips on surviving a heart attack,
      3 - Launch the interactive Self-Administered CPR training wizard,
      4 - See more options?
  • This should resolve some of the problems with fingerprint scanners. It'd be really difficult to duplicate someone's heart rhythm. And cutting out someone's heart wouldn't work at all.
    • "Here, hold this ball for me please"
      a contact surface connected to your recording device on your palm to replay the signal.

      This isn't rocket science.

      Its easier than finger prints because you don't need the subtle surface, just capacitance and a varying electrical signal.

      You could probably rig something up using a recording mp3 player and a disassembled mic.
      • Hmm. I suppose you could be right. I guess multi-factor is still definitely a good idea.
        • Still, if you can gather the data at the reader by simple contact, you can gather the data elsewhere the same way.
          • Sure, but can you replicate that data? That is, even if you've recorded my heart rhythm, doesn't mean that it's terribly easy to replay it to the sensor.
            • Re:Excellent (Score:3, Interesting)

              by HTL2001 ( 836298 )
              this sounds like an electrical sensor, so I think it would be easy to replicate. Just like the GGGP (or something like that) said you can use a modified microphone to record it, you could probably use a speaker setup (minus speaker of course) to play it back
    • ...then I hope I don't have to see it for a loooong time.

      I went to a swimming pool that "upgraded" their coin-operated lockers--they went from keys to electonic locks with keypad-entered passcodes a number of years ago, then decided that STILL wasn't snazzy enough and put in fingerprint readers.

      I hope they canned the pointy-haired idiot who came up with THAT gem of an idea.

      Here is the problem: It is easy enough to get into your locker before you enter the pool. After you go out and swim for a bit your fin
      • Regarding the $6 coin-only fee, I was at a traveling carnival last year, and they were trialing swipe cards for replacing the old tickets system for riding rides. Great idea, but there was only one place to get the cards and refill them from a cashier, which had a line a mile long. They had thought ahead, and there were a number of vending machines that would sell/refill them, but as in your case, they only accepted quarters, and the cards only worked in denominations of $10. I was real tempted to take a
  • What if you have a pacemaker?
  • by puppetluva ( 46903 ) on Monday March 06, 2006 @01:59PM (#14859562)
    Just go to any Denny's or Perkins in the midwest. This technology is used in the incredibly accurate Lov 'o meter and other devices that use your biorythms to detect how personable you are or your capacity for romance.

    If you use this technology instead of passwords, you get authentication AND validation at the same time!
  • I see all the IT personnel now stopping excrising just so their heart rate won't change. Of course, then we'll have the hackers that want to spoof the passwords of others so they try really odd excrise regimes so that they can match up their heart rates to others. ;)
  • Alladin (Score:3, Funny)

    by Jon Luckey ( 7563 ) on Monday March 06, 2006 @04:34PM (#14861277)
    Whew! Alladin Technologies, not Enterprises

    For a moment there I was worried I'd have to have an EKG reader before I could use Ghostscript []

  • Your heart patterns change over your life, how can you use them as a password? Thats like using the length of your hair or fingernails as a password.
  • ...Mr. Smith, but we can't get you into surgery until we can confirm that you are who you say you are with your insurance company's new ID Theft prevention device. Yes, I know you're having a heart attack, but until you relax and let your heart beat normally, there's nothing we can do. It's standard procedure, and we entail great risk if we don't confirm that you are who you are, and use a similar device to unlock your current medical records as well. It's all part of that new "privacy act" they just pas
    • And just an additional point:
      "Well, we never were able to confirm Mr. Smith's identity, so tag him as John Doe, and send him to the morgue."
      Ahhh, the future, so bright and promising! :)
  • RTFA? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by linuxn ( 590858 )
    28 comments and not a single person who realized that it's not heart-rate based. Where in the article does it say anything about heart rate?! Maybe if you read up [] a bit on the tech [] this would be a discussion and not just a bunch of wisecracks.

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