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Comcast Accused of Blocking VoIP 325

kamikaze-Tech writes "Comcast, the largest USA Broadband provider is being accused of VoIP blocking, just days before they release their own VoIP offering. According to a long standing thread on the Vonage Forums, many Comcast ISP users are unable to use Vonage. Tempers are flaring: 'Although you will see all manner of opinions on this thread, there seems to be a sentiment that - politely put - Comcast could really be doing a better job of carrying Vonage bits.' Looks as though this could be the beginning of the broadband quality wars, with Comcast taking the first step."
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Comcast Accused of Blocking VoIP

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  • by magefile ( 776388 ) on Thursday March 02, 2006 @10:49AM (#14834466)
    Why should Vonage get special treatment? After all, it's not like Comcast does a decent job carrying *anybody's* bits.
  • by orionware ( 575549 ) on Thursday March 02, 2006 @02:30PM (#14836437)
    They've called me a few times to try and sell me their VOIP service.

    First call they offered FREE installation and 34.95 a month.

    Second call they offered me FREE installation and 19.95 for three months, then 34.95 a month

    Third call they offered me FREE installation, three months FREE and 34.95 a month after that.

    Each time I asked them, "How is it that Comcast can not compete with the other VOIP folks regarding price?" I have Packet 8 VOIP and i LOVE it!

    Two of the responses were, "I'm not sure about that sir, thanks for your time"

    The third guy actually said to me, "Well. We can offer better quality service because we designed it." I said, "So Comcast is not using the standard VOIP protocols?" and he said, "Umm. I don't know about that but I do know that our service is better than what the other companies can offer."

    Oh Ok.. Whatever that means. Comcast also does NOT offer all of the features that the other companies offer so I'm not sure HOW they are better.

    Screw comcast. The only reason I have them is because they are the only game in town that can offer the volume of HD programming and 6MB down on their net connection.

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