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The Complete FreeBSD 10 Years Old, Now Free 44

sjg writes "'The Complete FreeBSD', long regarded as one of the most valuable reference works for new and seasoned FreeBSD users alike, has recently celebrated its 10'th anniversary. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Greg Lehey, author of The Complete FreeBSD and longtime FreeBSD contributor has released the work for download under the Creative Commons license."
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The Complete FreeBSD 10 Years Old, Now Free

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  • by fak3r ( 917687 ) on Monday February 27, 2006 @02:20PM (#14810138) Homepage
    This book is worthwhile for anyone running a server, not just *BSD users. There's plenty of specifics of running servers and configuration that makes this an invaluable aide to any sys admin. Honestly I think it gets a little slow when it walks you through the installer (!) but I guess that's why it's "complete"! Recommended.

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