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Jim Lee To Direct DC MMO 59

Kotaku has a press release stating that Jim Lee will be Executive Creative Director for SOE while they develop a DC-branded Massively Multiplayer game. Jim Lee is best known for his work on Batman and the X-Men series of comics. From the article: "SOE will be developing and publishing a game based on the DC Comics universe for next generation gaming platforms and the PC. It is expected that Lee will serve as Executive Creative Director on the game, bringing his artistic flair and talents to the world of online gaming for the first time ... said Jim Lee; 'The truth is that I love gaming as much as I love drawing and telling stories and look forward to bringing the DC Universe to life for players and comic book fans all around the world.'"
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Jim Lee To Direct DC MMO

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  • Re:Cheap knockoff (Score:2, Interesting)

    by ch1a ( 168446 ) on Sunday February 26, 2006 @01:34PM (#14804376) Homepage
    Wasn't City of Heroes a cheap knockoff of the DC universe in the first place?
  • Re:Cheap knockoff (Score:4, Interesting)

    by dc29A ( 636871 ) on Sunday February 26, 2006 @02:01PM (#14804470)
    So they're making a cheap knockoff of City of Heroes, banking on the DC name to sell it? No thanks.

    This is made by the company who was too incompetent to capitalize on the Star Wars franchise. With EQ2 SOE has proved that it has lost contact with gamers. When EQ2 came out, it had many glaring gameplay issues and retarded rules like party member death penalty is shared by group. So if you had a dumbass in your group, you all paid the price. Not to mention it was a grind fest and you were forced to group. Star Wars Galaxies ... well ... it's pretty much dead. EQ is dying. EQ2 is stalling, no new growth. Matrix Online (they picked it up) is pretty much dead too.

    Why would any franchise holder trust this company is something I don't understand.

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