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The Future of Tech And NSA Wiretaps 643

Tyler Too writes "Is there more to last week's story about President Bush authorizing wiretaps without court review? Ars Technica writes about what's going on behind the curtains with the National Security Agency's technology: 'When the truth comes out (if it ever does), this NSA wiretapping story will almost certainly be a story not just about the Constitutional concept of the separation of powers, but about high technology.'"
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The Future of Tech And NSA Wiretaps

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @07:17PM (#14304260)
    Terrorists! National Security!

    The situation is explained, go back to bed.
  • by TubeSteak ( 669689 ) on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @07:20PM (#14304295) Journal
    Let's be civilized about this.

    Best 2 out of 3 at Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Winner gets to keep the liberties.
  • by TubeSteak ( 669689 ) on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @07:26PM (#14304341) Journal
    The fact that they did this without even consulting the FISA court is completely illegal, and bypasses the checks and balances of our government.
    Yes, and I find this as dispicable as you do

    1. We don't have much information to base our decisions on
    2. This could end up hinging on the definition of the word 'wiretap' or 'is'
    3. Last but not least, The majority of (vocal) Republicans seem willing to take him at his word
  • by ryg0r ( 699756 ) on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @07:36PM (#14304458)
    Does this mean they can take down Goatse/Tubgirl/Lemon Party now?



    I got nuthin...

  • by Tackhead ( 54550 ) on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @08:14PM (#14304789)
    > If the article in question is to believed, and they are scanning 1% of all US calls, they probably aren't distinguishing between foreign and citizen conversations. They're simply eavedropping on everybody and then trying to figure out what's going on.

    "NSA is now funding research not only in cryptography, but in all areas of advanced mathematics. If you'd like a circular describing these new research opportunities, just pick up your phone, call your mother, and ask for one!"

  • by Philip K Dickhead ( 906971 ) <> on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @08:25PM (#14304893) Journal
    Yeah, like the English discovering New Guinea.
  • In the Department Of Records:
      "The Truth Shall Make You Free" - on statue
      "Information Is The Key To Prosperity. A Ministry Of Information" - sign
          above security stall.
      "Help The Ministry Of Information Help You" - poster on wall
      "Be Safe: Be Suspicious" - sign on wall
      "Loose Talk Is Noose Talk" - poster on the wall of the computer room

    Kurtzmann's office:
      "Suspicion Breeds Confidence" - sign
      Ministry of Information logos are stamped on many of the small items in
      Kurtzmann's office, such as the teacup given to Lowry and the fishbowl.
      These are nearly impossible to see on video.

    Shangri La Towers:
      "Happiness: We're all in it together" - Billboard
      (This billboard is copied from a sign that appeared throughout the United
        States during the depression.)
      "Mellowfields. Top Security Holiday Camps. Luxury without fear. Fun
        without suspicion. Relax in a panic free atmosphere." - advert on wall
        above children playing.
      "Reality" - graffiti on wall
      "Shangorilla Towers" - Shangri-la tower's defaced sign.
      "DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE, MUTILATE" - stencilled on concrete wall inside.

    Mr Lime's Office at Info. Retrieval:
      "Trust in haste, Regret at leisure" - poster on wall
      "Don't suspect a friend, report him" - poster on wall (also seen in both
                                                                                    Lint and Kutzmann's offices)

    Jack's Office at Info. Retrieval:
      "Who can you trust?" - poster on wall

    Processing Plant:
      "Mind that parcel. Eagle eyes can save a life." - poster on wall
      "Power today. Pleasure tomorrow." - poster seen when the house gets lifted.

    Shopping Mall:
      "Consumers for Christ" - banner carried by band in the mall.
      "Utopia Railways" - ad in the street when Sam blows up the building.
      "Keep your city tidy" - sign on the trash can.

  • by Rob Riggs ( 6418 ) on Tuesday December 20, 2005 @09:35PM (#14305410) Homepage Journal
    So, as soon as we've defeated all the terrorists, we get back our civil rights? How long will that take?

    We'll let you know when we've finished with the war on drugs.

    Just sit tight. This shouldn't take too long.

  • Re:Wrong. (Score:3, Funny)

    by TapeCutter ( 624760 ) on Wednesday December 21, 2005 @04:47AM (#14307288) Journal
    That sig would make a great bumper sticker!

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