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Geeky Gifts for New Dads, The Goodfather 187

The Moose at Dr.MOZ writes "The Goodfather, 'for the baby he can't refuse.' The Goodfather is a custom-boxed CD-ROM that teaches new dads hundreds of baby skills and baby related definitions through a fun parody of a famous American gangster epic (The Godfather). The baby/parenting topics in The Goodfather CD-ROM were selected for men by experienced dads and grandfathers, and edited by licensed nurse-midwives to ensure the material is medically sound. In addition to the hundreds of baby skills lessons and definitions, The Goodfather also has a Baby Name Book with approximately 15,000 baby names and a Baby Card Maker which allows new dads to make and print their own baby cards. New dads choose from dozens of "new dad" card-types with provided art, or they are able to import JPGs to create their own customized baby cards! The Goodfather runs on both Windows® and Macintosh® systems and is proving to be the next 'must have' gift for the sometimes ignored new dad on the baby shower list."
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Geeky Gifts for New Dads, The Goodfather

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  • Relevancy? (Score:5, Funny)

    by saskboy ( 600063 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:20AM (#14106477) Homepage Journal
    How are babies related to Slashdot readers, you have to have sex to have a baby! Well I guess you could adopt, there's no law against a geek adopting right?

    I think the most important thing for a Dad who knows nothing about kids is to learn more about their kids. Spend time with them every day, even if you don't do much. The kid will set the agenda and you can answer questions as they come up especially since you can use Wikipedia and Google.
    • They clone themselves.
    • Even better than just spending time - put them to good use!

      I can see the ads:

      Teach your baby C++ in 21 days, let him debug that code for you, while you play Doom.

      Or how about

      "Database Administration for Babies" - put the pager in his crib and walk way to play D&D. Let your baby help you instead of just eating, crying and pooping all day.

    • Have they legalized the geek marriages yet?! Perverts!
    • by Flying pig ( 925874 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @08:01AM (#14107057)
      I hate to tell you this (not at all, really) but geeks get married, have sex and have kids just like everybody else. It's just that, in my experience (and I'm over 50, so I have quite a lot of it) they tend to be more responsible than the average, marry later and stay married to the same person for longer. Female as well as male...

      You may be aware that Scott Adams actually had hundreds of letters from women saying, in effect, that they were either married to a Dilbert or would like to marry one. Marrying a jock is fine till he (a) just starts playing around (b) has his mid-life crisis (c) the boiler fails and he's helpless while the geek just gets in there, criticises the design of the controller and the user interface and fixes it in thirty minutes.

      • "Criticises the design of the controller"?

        You've got the wrong controller then. Go buy a proper geeky controller that'll let you set boiler on-off times for every day of the week. And I only bought one bcos the price came down and it was cheaper than building one myself...

        Also on that theme, we're about to buy a UPS because our gas-fired central heating needs mains electricity to turn it on. If the electric craps out, the UPS will let us keep running the heating for a while. And of course there's also t
        • Go buy a proper geeky controller

          Buy? Real geeks design and build their own - then patronise people with inferior ones for not doing the same.

        • Unless it's huge, that is. Most UPS are far too small to run the controller through a serious power fail.

          Being totally serious, I recommend:

          4 off 110AH or equivalent open lead acid batteries
          3 or 4 step battery charger (can be quite low rated e.g. 4A, but you must have the multistep ones that do not destroy your cells if left on)
          Proper sine or modified sine inverter rated at least 500W
          Join the batteries in parallel using 25mm sq flexible cable (you will need a serious crimp tool for the terminals, hire

      • "Female as well as male..."

        We already knew that there were homosexual geeks though.

        Oh, you mean geek females ;-)

        I was teasing about geeks not gettin' any. You must be new here, because it's one of those running Slashdot jokes that stories involving sex don't belong on Slashdot.
      • Oh, by the way:

        You may be aware that Scott Adams actually had hundreds of letters from women saying, in effect, that they were either married to a Dilbert or would like to marry one. Marrying a jock is fine till he (a) just starts playing around (b) has his mid-life crisis (c) the boiler fails and he's helpless while the geek just gets in there, criticises the design of the controller and the user interface and fixes it in thirty minutes.

        What you've just stated is what I've said one thousand times.

        Women wan
    • I'm an aerospace engineer and a father of a seven-month old ; I tell you the truth intuition kicks in the second your wife (or you if you are of the fairer sex) gives birth. When the nurse hands you that bundle you know how to hold it. The stuff comes naturally. 100 years ago parenting guides didn't exist - it was assumed you could just figure this stuff out (its childs play? heh).

  • by shaneFalco ( 821467 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:21AM (#14106482)

    How is this on Slashdot? This offers nothing new, nothing exciting. We have had CD-ROM's of videos coupled with card makers for years. This boils down to nothing more than an advertisement for the manufacters of the product. Even, the description the poster used is nothing more than an ad.

    Are the moderaters THAT bad?

    • by lightknight ( 213164 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:32AM (#14106516) Homepage
      Agreed. If the editors are going to post advertisements, could they at least post something that has a vague connection with the site's content? "It comes on a CD" does not cut it.

      With the current singal-to-noise ratio, we are slowly coming closer to that of TV. The next step will actual posts being subsidized by advertisers.

      "This post brought to you by Microsoft Windows Vista. Vista, for all your computing needs!"
      • I like that sig! how much will bill gates pay me per if i use it as my sig? 1 cent per post? i could have like 20 bucks easy ...
      • With the current singal-to-noise ratio, we are slowly coming closer to that of TV.

        I'd like to reply to this post, but I have to deal with that wacky next door neighbor. And seeing as it's getting near the holiday season, I should probably go and learn a valuable lesson about life and the real meaning of Christmas from a homeless person I randomly encounter on the street.

        While we're on the subject of editorial idiocy, I just saw an article at NYTimes.com entitled "Web Logs Test Chinese Sensors" Hm, did th

      • "This post brought to you by Microsoft Windows Vista. Vista, for all your computing needs!"

        That would never happen because then it would be too obvious. This is all about keeping the actual advertisment underneath the radar, because most geeks react negatively to advertising.
    • Seriously! I've seen some bad excuses for Slashdot articles, but this is just lame. This is nothing new and blatant advertising. What is the purpose of this article? Does anyone have a legitimate explatation for why this article should exist?
    • by nacturation ( 646836 ) <nacturationNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:44AM (#14106546) Journal
      Possible responses:

      1. You must be new around here.
      2. "The Moose at Dr. Moz held a gun to his head, and assured Samzenpus, that either this useless marketing or his brains would be on the front page of Slashdot."
      3. "Hey, listen, I want somebody good - and I mean very good - to plant that marketing piece. I don't want Samzenpus coming off of his shift with no CDROM in his hands, alright?"
      4. "What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?" ... "You can start by posting this sales pitch on your website!"
      5. "Samzenpus, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to hock my wares on the front page of your website. And may your first child be a masculine child."
      6. [Slashdot readers] "What the hell is this?"
      [CmdrTaco] "It's a marketing message. It means Samzenpus sleeps with the salesmen."
      7. [Samzenpus] "Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this front page posting as gift on my jumping the shark day."
    • This site has gone to shit. There is nothing else to say about this story, except perhaps to remember slashdot.org if you have a fad gift and it isn't leaping off the shelves quite as quickly as you'd hoped.
    • samzenpus doesn't even have a home page. Maybe they just hired a night-editor?
    • FFS, this has got to be one of the "nerdiest" things I have ever heard of. A CD-ROM of baby howtos!!! Do a quick survey of the (non-tech) people you meet today, tell them about this thing and tally their responses "Nerdy/Geeky", "Not Geeky/Not Nerdy". I bet you one whole of your American Dollars that Nerdy/Geeky wins out by a loooooooong way.
    • If you look at the Amazon.com product info page for this thing:

      http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000 7O22WI [amazon.com]

      There's a "See more products by this manufacturer," and the manufacturer is "Dr. MOZ," so once again this is just a guy/corporation spamming Slashdot with his product as a way to line his own pocket. Additionally, Amazon lists this product as having been first released on January 29, 2005, nearly 10 months ago, so this isn't even a new product. I wonder how many times this guy has submit
    • Are the moderaters THAT bad?

      You must be new here! Welcome to Slashdot!
    • from the if-you-buy-this-don't-have-kids dept.

  • And it can be yours for the low low price of $34.95!
    Act now!!

    Slashdot getting low on funds? :p
  • Tip #87 (Score:5, Funny)

    by nacturation ( 646836 ) <nacturationNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:29AM (#14106507) Journal
    When baby misbehaves, remember the horse's head we mentioned in Tip #51.
    • Re:Tip #87 (Score:3, Funny)

      by Megor1 ( 621918 )
      The most important tip is

  • Is nothing sacred? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Attaturk ( 695988 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:34AM (#14106521) Homepage
    This proud first-time father of a baby thought that the one place I was safe from new-Dad-targeting marketing arsehats was here on /.!

    Where's /. and what have you done with him!?????

  • Less, not worse. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Leroy_Brown242 ( 683141 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:34AM (#14106523) Homepage Journal
    Does anyone remember the time when slow news days meant less posts, insteads of lower quality posts?
    • On the other hand, it would seem this is the perfect chance to submit a lot of crap stories and pad your accepted story count.

      Anyway, I've gotta go now...I have to get over to Google to search for...uh...porn. Yeah, that's it. Innocent, non-Slashdot-related porn. Later, suckers!
  • I thought that tomorrow was the day that turkeys were served.
  • Is there any way to remove an editor's posts from not only the front page but the "Older Stuff" page too?
  • by Max Romantschuk ( 132276 ) <max@romantschuk.fi> on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:45AM (#14106549) Homepage
    Let's face it: You don't need a bunch of fancy instructions. The basics are really simple, and everything else you pick up as you go along. Parenting and raising kids may be a different issue, but you do not need a multimedia presentation on how to change a diaper. This is a waste of money.

    Trust me, I know. As in my "firstborn were twins and we did just fine".
    • by martinmcc ( 214402 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @05:51AM (#14106817) Homepage
      I agree (I have 2 girls and a new baby, a boy I think, due in a few weeks). I find that pretty much everyone and their dog tries to tell you how to be a parent, and in my view this is a bad thing(tm).

      We are biologically programmed to be parents, it is what we do. Certainly, some are better than others, and there are some that are just plain crap, but in my view the proclavity for telling parent what they should and shouldn't be doing (indeed, can and can't do) does more harm than good.

      In my view, the most important thing to being a parent is being confident and relaxed. This is very hard if you are too wound up about making sure you are obeying all the rules in all the baby book, tv programs, news paper articles and government guidelines. This can make most people stressed, and stressed parents = bad parents.

      Small kids don't understand the spoken word to well, but they are experts at empathy - if you are unsure they will know it, and they will take advantage of it. So long as you are confident in what you do, engage with them on their level, remain consitant (most of the time, we are not robots after all), and use some commen sence, everything else will fall into place. And yes, there are some ppl who just do not get parenting at all and do need some help, that is what families and socity are for, you cannot replace concerned human interaction with a CD-ROM or goverment issued pamphlet.

      • Yeah, when our first was on the way, we'd go to a store, burger king, or pretty much anywhere, and everyone would ask my wife if she was pregnant. No, moron, she's smuggling a beach ball. I mean she weighed 120 lbs before she got pregnant, and she's 6 ft tall... it was pretty obvious. And then, all of 'em would ask if it was our first, and when we told people that it was, the only answer we ever got is "Ooooh, everything in your life is about to change".

        I mean, on the one hand, I got so sick of hearing i
        • I mean, on the one hand, I got so sick of hearing it, I used to scowl at people. And on the other hand, our lives were going to continue on, we were still going to be the same people... just with the added person in the family.

          I remember getting kind of annoyed by everyone telling us the same thing. It's just one of those things that you can't begin to comprehend until you're actually there so such generic "advice" isn't exactly helpful. But of course that doesn't mean it isn't true--everything does cha

    • Well, I do not trust you on that. Every parent says he's doing fine. Only the really shitty ones will admid they made a few mistakes. Can you imagine the humiliation if you have to admit you made a mess of your kids upbringing. 1 in 3 (or more) marriages ends in divorce, kids or no kids. That means you are at risk too.
      Ergo: You cannot claim objectively you are doing fine until you can legally drink a beer with them.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      but these are infancy instructions
  • Press release (Score:5, Insightful)

    by jobyl ( 858965 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:47AM (#14106555)
    Best of all, this wasn't sent in by some enthusiastic customer, it was directly submitted by the people who sell this bizarre product. Next on Slashdot: Crazy Larry's got Low Low prices on Sofas, Hide-a-beds and lazy-boys. Act NOW!
    • Re:Press release (Score:3, Interesting)

      by theCoder ( 23772 )
      I wish they'd just make a "Slashvertisement" topic. I probably wouldn't even block it, since I'm lazy and at least some of the products might be interesting. But to pass off ads as real stories is pretty sleazy. Especially when the product in question doesn't even run on Linux!

  • wow.. (Score:5, Informative)

    by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @03:52AM (#14106569) Journal
    So who copy and pasted this from the website? It not only reads like an advert it even includes the little trademark signs still.
  • But I'm only planning on having 14,000 babies!
  • Insulting... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ultranova ( 717540 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @04:23AM (#14106635)

    a fun parody of a famous American gangster epic (The GodFather)

    I don't know which is more annoying: that Slashdot publishes ads as stories, or that they have to be insulting about it. I mean, really, would it really be impossible to think that people are capable of making the giant leap of insight from "GoodFather" to "GodFather" without needing to spell it out ?

    • The main point was to let us know it was a FUN parody of it, and not just any parody. I mean, I wouldn't have bought this shrink wrapped CD if I didn't know for sure that it was going to bring me happiness. I mean, that is what all these products and services we are purchasing this holiday season is for, right? Happiness with products! Teach the young ones to consume while you still can!
  • Coming Soon: Links to a minivan review article and a discussion of play-date etiquette. Seriously, how is this News for Nerds. Stuff that matters?
  • by LodCrappo ( 705968 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @04:36AM (#14106662) Homepage
    My god, WHAT THE HELL is going on here???? This is an advertisement and nothing more. This IS NOT NEWS. "news for nerds" implies that the articles will at least be news of some sort.

    PS I have some products I would like to advertise on Slashdot as well, please contact me with pricing information.

  • by joelsanda ( 619660 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @04:40AM (#14106673) Homepage

    I've already seen the usual "This is news?" posts, so here's my experience. This matters because there are some nerds that meet a member of the opposite sex, score, and have a kid.

    Something like this could have been handy when I was a new dad, seven plus years ago. As it was, I hit gold when I did a Yahoo search on "colic", which my kid had. Some enterprising geek dad came up with a series of rotating images that calmed kids down. So when 3am rolled around and it was my turn to console the unconsolable I would fire up that web page and ALT+TAB between that page and Baldur's Gate. I actually think Baldur's Gate had a more calming influence than the colic web page - what could be more soothing and calming than leading a party through kobold infested mines?

    As for the advice about Baby Showers? If you're a man don't attend. Not all things are equal and I'd rather be knee deep in an imploded Diaper Genie [playtexbaby.com] than at another baby shower... It's pure humiliation to listen to what women talk about those things. It was probably a significant reason the standing army was invented.

    My advice is buy yourself a BabyBjorn [babybjorn.com] so you can do normal stuff without worrying about the baby crawling into an open pit or getting mauled by a household pet. These things let you hang the infant off the front or back. If it hangs in front with the little geek-to-be facing outwards they'll watch your computer screen for hours. It helps to have something other than /. up, like Baldur's Gate - a little bit more to watch. My kid particularly enjoyed it when the mage hit third level and started leveling the playing field with fireballs.

    He'll grow up to be a geek yet ;-)

    • Had no idea these things had such a fancy name but I have to agree with this post. When babies are young, especially the first few months, they sleep alot. Ours was diagnosed with RSV (respitory problem) so we didn't want to put him down in his room for naps. I had one where the baby would face your chest so he would sleep for hours while I worked on my computer, putted around the house, etc. I managed to get quite a few good games of Red Alert in this way.

    • This matters because there are some nerds that meet a member of the opposite sex, score, and have a kid.

      And no, it doesn't matter. If a new parent needs to find info about sprog maintenance, there are eleventy bajillion other sites where he can do just that. Similarly, items related to cooking, DIY, clothing, etc. are off-topic even thought geeks cook, eat, and wear clothes. Leave /. to its focus areas.

  • I'm Done. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by charyou-tree ( 774046 ) <charyou-tree AT nym DOT hush DOT com> on Thursday November 24, 2005 @04:50AM (#14106684)
    Goodbye /.

    I just can't keep picking through the blatant ad stories, totally irrelevant junk, shockingly incompetent editing ...
    • Re:I'm Done. (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Yes you can, and you know you can. If you couldn't, you wouldn't have bothered giving a "goodbye post" you'd just have left.

      You'll be back tomorrow, or hell, later today, because for all the crap like this that spews out of slashdot, whenever a good story comes along, and on /. the same one seems to come along every week or so, this is the place your fellow nerds and geeks go to comment on it, and *that* is what makes it worthwhile.
    • so long, and thanks for all the fish!
    • Oh, but you've been here for so long, Mr. 774046! Please don't leave us!

      (Not that I should talk with my abysmal 6 figure UID. This type of post will usually cue #10000 or so making a comment about my UID, followed by #1000, ad infinitum...)
  • World plug ever (Score:4, Interesting)

    by gnarlin ( 696263 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @04:57AM (#14106696) Homepage Journal
    I don't mind dupes. I don't mind flamebaits. I don't mind the unending flurry of bad memes, even come to aquire a taste for a few, but this must be the worst plug this website has ever seen, not to mention completely irrelivant to its very purpose.

    Besides the fact that this has nothing to do with technology (and please don't point out that it is a multimedia-cd, that is hardly noteworthy) nor does it bring any relative news of any kind of social, legal or political struggle. This is the sort of plug that might appear on foxnews or somesuch. One can only wonder if the poster confused slashdot.org with loveourchildrenusa.org [loveourchildrenusa.org]. This, surely, is the most antithesis to the website's slogan. Newsflash for editors, "stuffit!", say the commentators. Babysitting techniques indeed! Now all they need is our creditcard numbers and expiration dates.

  • Stupid self help videos. My children will receive the same bad parenting that I recieved.

    I'll either use the skills my parents taught me, or simply abandon my children and allow them to be raised by their elderly grandparents. Either way, I'll save $30 by not buying a video.
    • by flyingsquid ( 813711 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @05:16AM (#14106752)
      I'll either use the skills my parents taught me, or simply abandon my children and allow them to be raised by their elderly grandparents.

      Wolves. I've heard that sometimes if you abandon your kids, wolves will adopt them and raise them as their own. Plus, that'd so be cool- like, maybe you'd be at this party, and this lady would be like, "MY son goes to Yale and he's going to be a high-powered lawyer. What does YOUR son do?", and you'd be like, "So freakin' what, lady? My son was raised by freakin' WOLVES. He can rip a moose's throat out with his bare teeth and he made alpha male at fifteen."

  • A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. B is for Basil assaulted by bears. C is for Clara who wasted away. D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh. . . .

    (No, its Gorey of course . . . )

    Gad, this article was not interesting.

  • by tod_miller ( 792541 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @05:12AM (#14106738) Journal
    I like it! :-) That is new. Before everyone compalins about this ad being submitted as news, don't be short-sighted!

    The ad is news!

    It is a subtle nudge at the future. You see, one day, as we type [buy nike] companies may be willing to pay, for esteemed [c1alis 4 u] writers, to have ads inserted directly into their writing. of course I have always liked [anal sex] the idea that ads should not interfere with the content, and just last night in bed I was thinking of [goatse premium, see beyong the bowels!] this.

    Today however, you just need to post [your shit, we buy it] on slashdot, and your ad may appear as a legitimate .

    Oh dear.

    please type the word [extreme hentai goatse] in this image: uniforms random letters - if you are visually impaired, please email us at pater[is teh gay]@slashdot.org
  • by rk ( 6314 ) * on Thursday November 24, 2005 @05:55AM (#14106824) Journal
    Take the cannolis.
  • by JumpingBull ( 551722 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @06:11AM (#14106857)
    I am not kidding; really!
    The episode I have in mind is where Spock is presented with a baby, which makes squalling noises until Dr. McCoy shows Spock how it is done.

    - hold the baby so its' spine rests on the fore arm; left arm is preferred - the natural reflex is to hold the baby close to your chest; give in to it - your heartbeat is a reassuring sound to a newborn - newborns breath incredibly lightly, so the panic of "is s/he still breathing?" should be expected

    There is nothing more profound and scary then being presented with a new life; especially one that is totally dependent on your care.

    Here is a hint: pass the bad baggage back, pass the good stuff on
    There is a lot of good stuff that a geek has to offer: playfulness, curiousity and a free spirit are but a few of the bonuses of a Geek parent.
    But the greatest gift you can give to the new souls in your life, to everyone, actually, is just being yourself. Warts and all.

  • Filters Request (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Tom ( 822 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @06:22AM (#14106875) Homepage Journal
    Instead of being able to filter by topic and author, could we get some baysian filtering for /. ?

    I'd really, really appreciate if I could mark stories as "spam" and /. learns what I like and what I don't.

    Since /. needs ad bucks to roll, think of the advantages here - self-selected target audiences, anyone? Also, if there's enough performance, it may be possible for the mods to see how many people will filter out the post before it's posted. They'd have to adapt and thus improve story quality.

    Just an idea, you know...
  • by t0qer ( 230538 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @06:35AM (#14106902) Homepage Journal
    My daughter was born November 14th this year (few days/weeks ago).

    I work nights. My wow habits used to kind of make my wife worried, but now I just follow the routine.

    Play wow for 2 hours.
    Change diaper
    Feed 2oz breastmilk
    Change diaper again if needed.

    My wife think's i'm such a good father :)

  • Geeky Gifts? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Sodki ( 621717 )
    The GoodFather runs on both Windows® and Macintosh® systems
    What? It ain't that geeky if it doesn't run on Linux.
  • by biglig2 ( 89374 ) on Thursday November 24, 2005 @07:53AM (#14107039) Homepage Journal
    ...as I believe that could create new levels of flamage, always entertaining on a slow posts day. People might even physically explode, and that's always fun to watch.
  • In the UK we've had the Haynes baby manual [amazon.co.uk] for a couple of years. Its brilliantly done and structured the exact same way they do their car manuals.
  • I think generally a lot of stuff out there is full of tony robbins style generic and vague bs . I mean nothing particularly insightful, just like "eat your vegetables" style of philosophy.
  • by dallask ( 320655 ) <{moc.liamg} {ta} {ajninedoc}> on Thursday November 24, 2005 @11:22AM (#14107577) Homepage
    Or rather, starts gaming at 2,4,6 AM when the kids wake up for feedings....

    Seriously, this would have been appreciated when they (www.lifewithtwins.com) were born... those first two weeks kicked our ass!

  • Yes, because we all know that men are completely unsuited to take care of a child. In fact, we all know that they're unhelpful, loutish brutes who would only uptake information about the care of their own child if it's handed to them in a "fun parody of a famous American gangster epic". Excuse me, but GANGSTER EPICS teaching childcare? Of course. Men have such short attention spans that they coun't possibly understand childcare unless it was nicely packaged in some laddish way that appealed to their low

Life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan