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Star Wreck Released as Download 239

Arto Rantala writes "After seven years of production, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, the Finnish Star Trek / Babylon 5 parody movie, was finally released on DVD a month ago and is now available for download. In spite of its practically zero budget, the film has a hilariously captivating story, top notch CGI and even a couple of performances from professional actors. Download it now and buy the DVD if you like it! I know I did. You can also obtain it directly from the .torrent"
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Star Wreck Released as Download

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  • by Ziviyr ( 95582 ) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @04:19PM (#13694592) Homepage
    All I read looks like pure Star Trek spoofage, except it the Slashdot article.

    Tell me I'm not downloading this for nothing...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 01, 2005 @05:03PM (#13694736)
    You sir, need a girlfriend.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 01, 2005 @05:16PM (#13694789)
    P2P software allows small artists to cheaply and easily distribute their work worldwide. RIAA/MPAA fears that some day people will realize that there is a lot of high quality entertaiment outside Hollywood.
  • Get the DVD (Score:3, Insightful)

    by squoozer ( 730327 ) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @05:45PM (#13694919)

    but not via a download. Come on, give us a 4GB iso that can be burnt to a DVD and watched like a regular DVD. Sigh. It's not like it's costing them that much in the way of bandwidth as it's torrented. I imagine that it will probably cost more (bandwidth wise) if they decide to release a full DVD version for download in the future because their won't be so many peers.

  • by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @07:46PM (#13695390) Homepage
    Take a major motion picture. Rip it. Add a "preview" feature that lets you watch the first 20 minutes of the film for free. At a tense moment, redirect the viewer to a website to unlock the rest of the content. Distributers bypassed, developers make money. MPAA makes money.

    Yes, I said the MPAA makes money. While we're not talking about controlling traditional retail channels, there is no reason why they couldn't control online distribution. Get the members to agree, rework into the rental destination online, containing all of their member's catalogs available for preview and rental. People go there to find movies, and not other places.

    I don't know why this is such a hard concept for the MPAA... People flock to somewhere online in the same way that they flock to Blockbuster in the real world. People flocked to napster, they flocked to despite there being millions of alternatives out there, people flock to iTunes for their music purchases... they would flock to too if they provided what people wanted. The MPAA would still control the distribution channel, and they would continue to make stupid amounts of money.

    It's just too bad that they're so afraid of losing their business to PC's that they forget just how much money they made on VHS sales and rentals (which they also thought would ruin them).

  • by mvkorpel ( 792209 ) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @09:07PM (#13695719)

    I think the people making the film have the right to decide the language used in their production. I'm sure they had their reasons to use Finnish instead of English. Seeing comments from people like you who don't seem to appreciate the diversity in this world, I begin to understand the French who carefully try to protect their language.

    For the record, we are Finns, not fins. Here .jpg [] are some fins.

    You suggested that Finns are often angry and drunk. Well, where I live (student village in Espoo, Finland) people are often happy when drunk.

  • by Kizor ( 863772 ) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @10:13PM (#13696014)
    As a Finn myself I'm still skeptical about the international appeal. The film has received very good reviews and feedback, but it's all domestic. Speaking with the authoritative voice of a person who hasn't actually seen it yet, the fact is that In The Pirkinning makes extensive use of its Finnishness.

    The subtitles of the previous installments don't seem to be there for allowing English-speakers to comprehend what's going on as much as compounding the funniness inherent in Star Trek in Finnish. They certainly don't work half as well on their own. Not only are a lot of nuances lost when converting Finno-Ugric speech into terse Latin-influenced Germanic writing, but someone relying on subtitles won't even notice the overtranslations - replacements for words that usually are just lifted from English - and has to skip a crucial part of the constant wordplay. Calling 'warp' 'twist' isn't funny. Calling 'warp' a Finnish word that can mean 'warp' 'twist' or 'perversion' while simultaneously displaying an English translation calling it 'twist' to an audience that fully well knows that it's 'warp'... that is funny precisely in the way that good jokes mess with your head. If you can't see why, that likely was my point.

    As TNG episode "Darmok" tells us, even universal translators wouldn't guarantee full understanding, unless they were superadvanced subspace translators that interfaced directly with their users' brains feeding them required knowledge, but I digress. Even if the language barrier was removed the average outlander would hardly notice that Info's named after a bookstore chain, much less that his motto is from the old advertisements of said chain. He likely wouldn't have the right misconceptions about the Russian Mafia (even, or in fact especially, if he was actually Russian). Even if I was explaining the hilarious multi-faceted pun that is Garibaldi-equivalent's name I wouldn't know how. Juxtapositions are kinda lost on those who aren't familiar with both of the juxtees, too. And these things go on throughout the movie!

    Don't get me started on the onslaught of sight gags or how much is conveyed by tone of voice.
  • by superhoe ( 736800 ) on Sunday October 02, 2005 @01:44AM (#13696838) Homepage
    When reading the reviews, I just can't resist saying this:

    Star Wreck is a fan movie. It's basically zero-budget. There is simply no other fan movie coming even close to it. I think it is quite interesting to notice that unlike on most fan films, people always start (intentionally or intentionally) comparing SW to real movies like Hollywood stuff. That never happens on discussions about fan films.

    Somebody below this even said 'this shows that Hollywood still rules' and 'at least George Lucas can direct professional actors'. Yeah, and does he do that in his bedroom? :D

    Hollywood never produces anything like this, because a term Hollywood movie means at least some $$$ put into it by default. Even the worst of the worst have some budget. The reviews which compare SW to Hollywood stuff are a massive victory to the makers of this movie.

    They just show that the flick is so neat for a fan flick that people can't treat it as such anymore :D

  • by h4rm0ny ( 722443 ) on Sunday October 02, 2005 @04:57AM (#13697406) Journal

    Have to post just to offset some of the dismissive reviews above. It was really well done, especially the acting the CGI space battles. I'd disagree that the action scenes were weak. They weren't hollywood blockbuster, but that wasn't the point. I'm sure that hand-fight between Pirk and Sherrypie was a pastiche on the terrible Star Trek hand to hand fighting., especially that flying kick.

    Sherrypie was doing a brilliant take off of Sheridan - really had the mannerisms down well. Ivanovitsa was also very very good.

    I also wont give away the ending, but I like both the twist and that the viewer is allowed to think "Do they really mean that..." without being hit over the head by it.

    But the BIOS bootscreen was just perfect. Perfect!

    I've only ever seen a few Star Treks (allergy to bad physics and internal inconsistency) but I did love Babylon V and this was an excellent take off. Spectacular for a small private production, really.

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