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Rise of the Professional Blogger 231

Victor Cheng writes "Robert Scoble today points to a blogger who is claiming he earns between $10,000 and $20,000 per month via Google Adsense." From the article: "The cheque was the biggest cheque I've ever held onto (well the biggest I've held onto that has my name on it). The amazing thing is that in the month of May I earned more than I earned in a whole year in 2003 from a 'real job' (of course at the time I was only working a 3 day week while I studied part time) and well over half as much as I earned from Adsense in the whole of 2004."
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Rise of the Professional Blogger

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 17, 2005 @04:28AM (#13085665)
    You just had to link to him on Slashdot, didn't you. Come on, he's making enough already ;)
  • by locokamil ( 850008 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @04:33AM (#13085678) Homepage
    is that his blog doesn't even render properly in my browser (Firefox, Unbuntu). Step right this way, ladies and gentlemen. Spew out your opinion and throw internet standards to the wind... it's all okay because you've got a big AdSense cheque coming your way.
  • by rel4x ( 783238 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @04:36AM (#13085683)
    ...I read this, and I swear, I half expected 'ol Roland to have submitted it...
  • by larry bagina ( 561269 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @05:09AM (#13085757) Journal
    they read blogs, they click on ads. they probably buy herbal v1agra and L@@K at RARE! ebay auctions too.
  • by John Seminal ( 698722 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @05:23AM (#13085775) Journal
    Honestly what on earth is with this 'blogging' craze? I refuse to even acknowledge 'blog' as a legitimate term.

    I agree. What is the difference between a blog and a service like livejournal? Places where people write down their thoughts.

    I don't waste time on blogs. I have never found anything that interesting to read in them. Most are ramblings by people. It is too much work going through them until a good one is found. Then, with my luck, that person shuts it down and moves on. One of my favroites was fancyrobot, he sold his website to some chick and the quality of the writing has gone way down. Funny thing is I found his "blog" not because I was searching for blogs, but because I was searching for information on the cast of French In Action, what happened to them all. The blond in that show had the best titties of any woman I have ever seen, they would poke right through her puffy sweater. There was one scene, where they wanted to teach how to say "sorry" and they had robert spill some water on the blonds dress. The water must have been very, very cold, because I have never seen two nipples stick out that quickly in my life. And I wondered if the creater of the series is still alive, what he is doing, along with the younger sister and robert, the american.

    The ones that post about news, I'd rather watch the big 3 network news programs. I can't believe some guy in his basement will get better insight into what's happening in the world than ABC, NBC, or CBS news. I like solid news, not spinning. Plus, who has the better contacts in government?? Could a blog have gotten deepthroat, or some high ranking FBI official to spill the beans. Reporters are prepared to go to jail to protect thier sources, they have great legal teams. What protection does the blogger offer?

    The other reason I dislike blogs is because they are pointless. The person might write about food and recipies today, and about his walk in the park tomorrow. There is no real subject. I guess some could say it is like fiction, the linear life of a person, but most people don't live lives worth writing about. Well, there is one, Richard Marcinko. If someone lives a life like him, by all means, write it down and put it on the web. ;)

  • by camcorder ( 759720 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @05:30AM (#13085792)
    Not even to government?
  • by sillybilly ( 668960 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @05:38AM (#13085808)
    ahahahahaha! what do you call slashdotting? urinating?
  • by Greg_D ( 138979 ) on Sunday July 17, 2005 @06:33AM (#13085913)
    He claims to have 20 blogs, and some generate more traffic than others. Of course, when Google decides to no longer advertise on blogs, he can apply for a nagging housewife position somewhere, since he seems to be successful at giving his opinion when nobody's ever asked him for it.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 17, 2005 @07:47AM (#13086051)
    No, you got rejected because your blog sucked.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 17, 2005 @12:14PM (#13086973)
    as slashdot is a blog, it would seem you have "wasted" quite a bit of time.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 17, 2005 @02:21PM (#13087514)
    Also, in Australia, I do not think they have a US Postal Service.

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