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50Mbps Cable Launched on Long Island 291

the-dark-kangaroo writes "Cable Vision have teamed up with Narad Networks to provide a new 50Mbps broadband service in the New York metropolitan area. The current deployment has a capability of 100Mbps (the connections are symmetric) with future developments allowing up to 10Gbps connections. The system utilises current cabling systems allowing enterprise level connections to homes and businesses."
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50Mbps Cable Launched on Long Island

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  • Donuts (Score:3, Funny)

    by InvaderSkoodge ( 858660 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @07:42PM (#12937081)
    So how do you write that sound that Homer Simpson makes when he sees a box of donuts? That's the sound I'm making right now...
  • by commodoresloat ( 172735 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @07:47PM (#12937104)
    And if you're actually commuting to Manhattan and back, I only have two words for you: hard drugs.

    There are other things you can buy in Manhattan, you know!

  • by John Seminal ( 698722 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @07:56PM (#12937164) Journal
    I am dumbfounded. 100 megs a second?? Is that what they said. That is a whole HUGE milf file in less than 3 seconds.

    Seriously, before I could only have a player about a quarter the size of my monitor, if I tried to expand the size of the porn any more, it would not be clear. Her skin would not look smooth and soft. Now I can watch porn the way it was intended to be, in High Definition.

    And before people start bashing me, anwser one question? How much money is made in porn on the web every year? How much money does Amazon make on the web? See... the web is there for porn, everything else is icing on the cake.

    To the people of IRAN, if you censor your web, you will never get 100 megs a second. The moment you let people masturbate, the porn industry will come to Terahn and give you 100 megs a second!! But along with titles such as "Touched by Alah", you will have to let people have "Mr. Azerja, the goatfucker". Actually, I am sorry for that last joke. Please forgive me. I am going to burn in hell for that one.

    What else is 100 megs a second good for? TV on demand? I wonder how the DirectTV and Dish will counter these fast speeds that cable has. What will DSL do? I hate supporting cable providers, because back when they were the only choice (for cable tv), they were the worst customer service pricks around-

    Me: "Hi, I saw your advertisment for $29.95 instal with two months of HBO for half price with basic service"
    Them: "Hey, hold on one second... *strange noise*... Okay, what did you want???
    Me: "I'd like to order cable service, can you come out this Saturday?"
    Them: "No way. Let me look... ahh, okay, we can come out in three weeks, the 13th."
    Me: "Any way you can come sooner?"
    Them: "No"
    Me: "Okay I guess, what time can you be here?"
    Them: "We will be there between the hours of 8am and 7pm."
    Me: "WHAT??? I'd like to not wait all day"
    Them: "Hold on, I have another call."
    CLICK- call disconected.

    Second Call

    Me: "Hi, I was just disconnected"
    Them: "Oh, yeah, what do you want again?"
    Me: "I'd like to order service"
    Them: *noise of chips crunching* "Yeah, fine, okay".
    Me: "How do I order service"
    Them: "Let me get to that screen. I am going to need to put you on hold again"
    Me: "NOOOOOOO"
    CLICK- call disconected

    Third Call

    Me: "You hung up on me again!"
    Them: "No I didn't, I put you on hold"
    Me: "Whatever, I want to order cable service"
    Them: "Sure thing, we can get to you in four weeks, on the 20th"
    Me: "You just told me three weeks, now it is four?"
    Them: "Yeah, we had a mad dash of orders since I last talked to you"

    The only good thing about the cable industry is they are so fucking currupted, it is easy to steal from them. I know people who had free HBO for 10 years just because they slipped the instal guy $20 bucks. Now that things are going digital, it does not work as well, because you need that box. And RTF Gold does not descrable all the pay-per-view stuff. But the one trick that is left, if you only want basic service and internet, is to order just the internet and then split the cable. You will get basic programming for free.

    Having said that, I wonder what the sweet spot for broadband and tv service is, including stealing? Anyone have the gigantic dishes? Anyone know how to get all the premium stations and pay per view for free?

  • by nokilli ( 759129 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @08:08PM (#12937249)
    Freenet [].

    Oooooh, look everybody, /. has a link to Freenet (which has a link to some page (which has a link to some other page, which might possibly link to child porn)).

    Not only that, OSTG actually *hosts* freenet.

    Gotta be a special place in hell for doing that!

    And just to be sure we don't forget about Google, you can use Google to find Freenet, so then, Google can be used to find child porn too!


  • by Dr.Dubious DDQ ( 11968 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @08:22PM (#12937337) Homepage

    Well, I'm sure the Swedish government will be tracking you down to have a word with you, since it's YOUR post that will have been responsible for Slashdotting The Swedish Immigration Board's website [] now...

    I have to admit, the idea of real LAN-speed broadband internet in my home is givin' me a nerd-on...

  • by Ichigo Kurosaki ( 886802 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @08:22PM (#12937338)
    I'm moving to New York
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @09:00PM (#12937579)

    As a TimeWarner employee, I get all the digital cable, all the HD, all the premiums, all the extra channels, all the video on demand, DVR, 3 extra digital boxes, and free RoadRunner (5M/384k). Easily $250+/month.

    Yeah, but you have to work for the cable company.....

  • by oncebitten ( 893231 ) on Tuesday June 28, 2005 @10:22PM (#12938052)
    Great, now my mom (who lives on Long Island) can tell me how great and super fast Optimum Online is and do I have it? And I get to answer yet again, no mom, I have a cable modem, but Comcast is the service provider.

    And then proceed to watch her fire up AOL.

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