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Electricity Outage Puts Routing to a Tough Test 233

infofarmer writes "Today at about 11:30 MSD (GMT+4) a major electricity outage in Moscow, Russia brought new meanings to words like "uninterruptible", "redundant" and "uptime" for network administrators, who haven't experienced such harsh and unexpected power failures since the USSR got its Internet connection. Half of the city is totally out of electricity - including subway and the most important traffic exchange point, half of the top russian sites went down, including www.mail.ru, www.rambler.ru, www.lenta.ru, some of them haven't been brought up yet. IP packets going from ADSL users in Moscow to some local sites got rerouted to somewhere in London and then back to Scandinavia, where they met their "No route to host" deadend. Other routers found themselves in a loopback, which made many packets get dropped with TTL expired. The point is that most of popular servers have got two or three mainline Internet connections, but lack of BGP/RIP2/whatever configuration resulted in packets losing their way to hosts."
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Electricity Outage Puts Routing to a Tough Test

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