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Intel From Behind the Curtain 109

Good Morning Silicon Valley writes "So now that we've reached this postmodern understanding that all official corporate communication is, if not a charade, part of a ritualized dance where meaning must be divined between the lines, where do you turn to hear an executive talk straight? Why, to his or her blog, of course. Even more candid than the still-rare public executive blog is one meant just for internal consumption, and that's what makes Intel President Paul Otellini's postings such interesting reading. The Mercury News snagged a copy of Otellini's 8-week-old blog and found it full of frank interaction with employees on strategic initiatives and the competition."
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Intel From Behind the Curtain

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  • Re:"Straight Talk"? (Score:1, Informative)

    by cybersaga ( 451046 ) on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:14AM (#11688162) Homepage
    so how exactly is this "Straight Talk From Executives"?

    Well, how many executives do you see admitting that their competitor has a "strong product offering"?
  • Re:postmodern (Score:5, Informative)

    by maynard ( 3337 ) <> on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:25AM (#11688286) Journal
    OK, so I'm running under the assumption this post is a troll. But the questions do deserve an answer, so here goes:

    On Postmodernism: Read some Jean-Francois Lyotard for starters. From the Postmodern Condition is his most important work. You might want to follow that up with some Bertens or Hamermas. And as I'm sure you already know, this [] wikipedia entry and this [] entry offer basic overviews (though the wikipedia entry is better IMO).

    Meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene. Wikipedia also offers an overview of the term here [].

  • by jrm228 ( 677242 ) on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:36AM (#11688392)
    Based on my experience, from several industries, it's not necessarily censored. In a lot of companies, particularly those with strong core values, they hire/promote CEOs that believe in their company. Don't immediately write it off as marketing fluff. It could actually be what he, the exec team, and BOD believe.
  • "Customer Focus" (Score:5, Informative)

    by hey! ( 33014 ) on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:38AM (#11688414) Homepage Journal
    Well, "customer focus" is not nonsense. It's a critical concern for a technology company.

    Imagine a tech company staffed by brilliant geeks who are working their asses off to solve customers' problems. It would be wonderful, except the nature of brilliant geeks is not to solve other peoples' problems, but to work on things that interest them.

    There's only so many ways to remind folks that, yes, indeed their salaries are being paid by customers who expect their needs to be met, before you start to repeat yourself and are perceived as spouting more of the bzzt-bzzt-bzzt of corporate speak. Reminding the staff that their are competitors with good products waiting to take the customer away is something every corporate leader has to do, becausing thinking about competitors is not something geeks like to do.

    I know the first thing I think of in the morning isn't how I can stick my thumb in the competition's eye. OK, the first thing I think of in the morning is whether there is any coffee left in the coffee room, but the fact is under normal circumstances, it would never cross my mind to think about the state of the business. I want other people to worry about that for me.

    Of course, you have take into account that Ottellini knew his blog would eventually get leaked, but that doesn't mean it was primarily meant for leaking. I think it was more or less meant for internal consumption, accepting that leaks are going to happen and are probably OK. Anybody who knows who Paul Ottellini is probably knows that AMD has a strong product already.
  • by ffub ( 322605 ) on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:46AM (#11688492)
    Although candid, his remarks are fairly carefully chosen. If you read the first entry, page 14 of the PDF, he writes, "While this is intended as an internal blog, I recognize that it will become public - welcome to the Internet!"
  • Nice double speak. (Score:5, Informative)

    by LWATCDR ( 28044 ) on Wednesday February 16, 2005 @10:49AM (#11688519) Homepage Journal
    "This year, Itanium will out ship every RISC processor except Power or Sparc."
    This is not a true statement. I would bet the AVR and Xscale both out sell the Itanium. He might have meant that the Itanium was out selling all other server class RISC processors except Power and Sparc. But the question then becomes what other server class RISC processors are there besides Power and Sparc? Mips is dead in the server space. Alpha being killed. PA-RISC is at the end of it's life. Sounds like the Itanium is a distant third place. Too bad AMD did not pick up the Alpha line. Maybe they could have pushed Intel down to number 4 on the list. Probably for the best it might have distracted them more than it would have helped.

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