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Second Life Upgrade Adds XML-RPC, Partner Bonding 19

jstrauser writes "According to an email reprinted on the official boards, Linden Labs has released version 1.4 of its PC 'virtual world' MMO, Second Life. It includes many new features, among the most notable is support for XML-RPC. Taken from the email: 'XML-RPC allows data and commands to be sent back and forth between disparate systems over the internet... Some applications for XML-RPC include faster in-world blogging, the ability to send newsfeeds into Second Life and the capacity for store owners to manage their inventory remotely.' Will we ever need to leave the game to use functions like email and web browsing anymore?" Also mentioned in the Second Life update is: "The ability to upload custom animations, to stream music to your parcel... [plus] those of you with Second Life partners can now express your affection for all to see in your profile." We recently covered Second Life in relation to the development freeze for former rival, There Inc.
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Second Life Upgrade Adds XML-RPC, Partner Bonding

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  • Re:Linux Version? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by TellarHK ( 159748 ) <{tellarhk} {at} {}> on Tuesday June 15, 2004 @06:59PM (#9436162) Homepage Journal
    I think the only problem with Linux distribution of an SL client is simply lack of resources to fine-tune things at this point. The backend is all on Linux machines, and the frontend is all designed for portability already having already been ported to OSX with the release of 1.3. The company is expanding the available land at a pretty quick rate lately and even hired a few new folks over the past couple months.

    Eventually, they -want- to do a Linux client. It'll just take time and resources. Also, a nice amusing note - they're on track to get on Top 500 next year.

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